Cumbria flooding

The clear-up is underway again after more heavy rain battered the Cumbrian coastline.

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Elderly man rescued from floodwater

An elderly man had to be rescued by RNLI volunteers after his car got stuck in floodwater in West Cumbria.

The 91-year-old, from Penrith, had driven his BMW into water across the Skinburness Marsh Road near Silloth on Monday afternoon.

Police are warning people to stay away from coastal areas at risk of flooding.

Coastal areas hit by more flooding

The region was on standby for more flooding as strong winds and high tides hit coastal areas early this afternoon.

It's exactly a month after many seaside villages were left counting the cost of some of the worst flooding in decades and after a weekend of stormy weather that damaged roads, homes and businesses.

Kim Inglis reports:


More floods expected across Cumbrian coast

Waves have been battering the west Cumbrian coast Credit: ITV News Border

A major clear-up is underway after strong winds and high tides flooded parts of Cumbria's west coast at the weekend, and the Environment Agency say the entire stretch from Gretna to St Bees is likely to flood again.

Motorists are being advised not to ignore road closures Credit: ITV News Border

People living along the Solway are also bracing themselves for more flooding as high tides are expected.

It follows two days of strong winds and high tides in the area.

The tide is expected to be extremely high today Credit: ITV News Border

Meanwhile the road between Silloth and Allonby is closed while engineers assess the damage after hundreds of tonnes of debris were washed ashore.

The coastal route there has been shut since Saturday afternoon.

Coast road closed after tidal surge

A tidal surge left debris strewn across the road. Credit: ITV Border

The coast road between Silloth and Dubmill point in Dumfries and Galloway is closed after tidal surges left large quantities of debris across the carriageway.

It will remain closed tomorrow.

The clear-up is underway but another high tide is expected today. Credit: ITV Border

Flood alert along Solway coast

A flood alert is in place along the Solway Coast as businesses and homeowners prepare for more strong winds and high tides.

The Environment Agency said high tide is at 1:30pm and high water can be expected for two hours either side of the peak.

The clear up is underway from yesterday's tidal surge which caused flooding in coastal villages.

Village floods as high tide and winds batter coastline

Kippford in Dumfries and Galloway flooded after high tide on Saturday. Credit: Anchor Hotel

The clear-up is underway again in Cumbria and Southern Scotland after more heavy rain battered the coastline.

A flood alert is still in place for Dumfries and Galloway as strong winds combined with a high tide look set to cause more disruption.

High tide in Kippford, Dumfries and Galloway. Credit: Anchor Hotel

The alert has been downgraded from a flood warning which was in place yesterday.

The streets of Kippford, on the Solway Coast, were deserted as a tidal surge combined with high winds flooded the village.

Flood water comes up to the door of the Anchor Hotel, Kippford. Credit: Anchor Hotel
Streets in Kippford were deserted at high tide yesterday. Credit: Anchor Hotel


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