Love wins out over bad luck

Couple, blighted by bad luck, have travelled from Buckingham to Gretna to get married on Valentine's Day. They let us follow them on their special day.

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Floods, delays and even a broken arm: no match for Valentines love

Preparations are underway in time for the wedding this afternoon Credit: ITV News Border

A couple due to get married at Gretna Green today, on Valentine's Day, have overcome setback after setback to arrive in Dumfries and Galloway in time for their big day.Jo King and Chris Watts from Buckingham faced train delays due to flooding in the South of England.

Chris Watts and Jo King have finally reached Gretna in time for their wedding Credit: ITV News Border

They then missed a connecting train to Gretna, and had to get a taxi to their hotel in time to pick up their marriage paperwork.Bride-to-be Jo fractured her elbow whilst out walking her dog last week, and is now wearing a sling.

Chris and Jo will get married later this afternoon Credit: ITV News Border

It all began last Valentine's Day when the couple got engaged, but they were both so ill they couldn't even make it out for dinner together.

Jo says "Last Wednesday, I just thought it wasn't going to happen. But Chris was adamant that we were going to be in Gretna Green on Valentine's Day for our wedding, and said he would drive all night if he had to! I have a special bling sling for my arm to make it blend in a bit more!"


Couple finally make it to Gretna Green

Chris and Jo have finally made it to Gretna Green Credit: ITV News Border

A couple have finally made it to Gretna Green after days of bad luck.

Chris Watts and wife-to-be Jo have been trying to get to Gretna from Buckingham so they could get married today, Valentine's Day.

But, they've been hindered by bad-luck along the way. Jo broke her arm two days ago and they've been struggling with flooding at home and the consequences of the bad weather whilst trying to travel north for their big day.

They've managed it, with a bit of help from good samaritans along the way.

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