Cattle Scab found in Borders

The first case of Cattle Scab has been found in the Scottish Borders. It's the first time the disease has been found in Scotland since early 1980's.

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Cattle mites found on farm

Farmers are being urged to look out for signs of a severe skin disease which can kill cattle, after a case was discovered in the Borders, the first in Scotland for thirty years.

The disease can be costly and is difficult treat. Vets are warning farmers to look out for the symptoms to stop the disease spreading.

Jenny Longden reports.


First case of Cattle Scab in 30 years discovered

Cattle Scab has been found in a Scottish Border's farm.

It's the first case to be confirmed in Scotland since the early 1980's.

Vets from Scotland's Rural College found the disease in two animals that have recently been imported.

Cattle Scab, also known as psoroptic mange, is caused by mites that pierce the skin to feed and cause immense irritation. The signs are similar to those of sheep scab.

Clusters of Cattle Scab have also been found in Wales, South West England and Yorkshire but this is the first in Scotland in 30 years.

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