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Artworks by acclaimed Cumbrian artist due to go on display

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Sheila Fell paintings on display

One of the biggest exhibitions of work by the acclaimed artist Sheila Fell is being held in Cockermouth.

The painter, who was born in Aspatria, was a protege of LS Lowry and only drew Cumbrian landscapes.

Some of her works haven't been seen in public for decades and fans of her work could even own one of the pictures.

Hannah McNulty reports.


Paintings by acclaimed Cumbrian artist go on display and up for sale

This unfinished work was being painted by Sheila Fell when she died Credit: ITV News Border

One of the largest collections of paintings by acclaimed Cumbrian artist Sheila Fell is going on display. The artist, who was from Aspatria, painted Cumbrian landscapes. Some of the works going on display at Castlegate House Gallery in Cockermouth haven't been seen in public for decades.

This is one of several paintings of Marport Credit: ITV News Border

Many are also going up for sale for between £9,000 and £35,000. Steve Swallow, owner of Castlegate House Gallery, said: "Fell is arguably the most important landscape painter of the 20th century - Lowry called her the greatest landscape painter of her age."

The exhibition runs between Saturday 12 April to Saturday 3 May 2014. **


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