Salmond reaction in Carlisle

Alex Salmond brought his fight for independence south of the border.

The First Minister was in Carlisle to deliver a speech on the implications of a 'yes' vote on businesses in both Scotland and England.

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Better Together: 'Strong ties' at risk

In response to Alex Salmond's visit to Carlisle, to discuss the implications of a 'yes' vote, Better Together say he risks straining cultural and historical ties between England and Scotland.

"People will find it hard to take seriously Alex Salmond's claim that he wants to be best pals with England if we leave the UK given that he has spent a career blaming the English for all Scotland's problems. As part of the UK we have strong ties of culture and history - the only thing putting this at risk is separation."

– Better Together spokesperson

Salmond: 'Independent Scotland should keep the pound'

Alex Salmond will insist that Scotland keeps the pound if the country becomes independent.

Mr Salmond is visiting Carlisle today to encourage people that a 'yes' vote in the referendum would be good for local business.

He is due to say that people in the North of England will still be able to trade and work with an independent Scotland without changing currency.

"People would still live in Annan and work in Carlisle, or live in Penrith and work in Lockerbie. Friends and family would continue to visit each other. We would still watch many of the same television programmes. People from Scotland and England would still celebrate personal unions - by getting married in Carlisle Cathedral or perhaps by going to Gretna instead."

– Alex Salmond MSP, First Minister

It is still undecided what currency would be used in the event of Scottish independence.


MSP not convinced a 'yes' vote will benefit Carlisle

Alex Salmond will deliver a keynote speech in Carlisle this evening.

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie says the First Minister's policy will not benefit the economy this side of the border.

“People in Carlisle will be surprised to see the First Minister. His entire economic policy is based on undercutting the Carlisle economy on corporation tax, as indeed he plans to do to the rest of the north of England. “His policy is nothing more than a cross-border economic raid. It is designed to strip investment out of England. People in Carlisle should be wary.”

– Willie Rennie MSP, Scottish Liberal Democrats
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