Headway sets up Borders brain injury support group

A new support group for people in the Borders who have suffered a brain injury has been set up. It's being run by a national charity called Headway.

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Headway launch new Borders branch

A support group to help people with brain injuries has been set up in the Borders.

National charity Headway have set up a new branch to provide advice and support to those who are living in the area who have been affected by brain injury.

Headway have more than 100 groups and branches throughout the UK and are pleased to be able to support people in the Borders.

“We are thrilled to be providing a new service to people in the Borders region. Brain injury can devastate lives and affects thousands of people across Scotland. But yet it is often overlooked or not fully understood, with many going without the help and support they need.

“It can also lead to social isolation...this is a real problem in an area as rural as the Borders. There are limited services to bring together people affected by brain injury, meaning those affected are suffering in silence and isolation."

– Maria Burnett, east regional co-ordinator, Headway Scotland

Head injury fact file:

  • Headway estimate more than 500,000 people in the UK are living with permanent disabilities as a result of head injury
  • About one million people in the UK attend A&E with a head injury each year
  • Approximately half of deaths in people under 40 years are due to head injury
  • Head injury accounts for 30 per cent of traumatic deaths
  • Men are more likely to have a brain injury than women
  • Road traffic accidents, falls and accidents at home or work are the major causes of head injury
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