Landlord accreditation scheme to launch in Cumbria

A new accreditation scheme to support good landlords is being launched in Cumbria. It will crackdown on landlords who neglect properties and try to exploit tenants. The scheme will be run in partnership with the National Landlords Association.

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Landlords will be offered access to resources

Landlords who sign up to the new Cumbria Landlords Accreditation Scheme next week will benefit from incentives.

What's on offer will be decided by the districts in line with their local priorities for example:

  • Advertisement of properties on the University of Cumbria website
  • Fortnightly e-newsletter
  • Assistance with fire precaution and energy efficiency measures
  • Local landlord meetings with guest speakers
  • Local landlord training events
  • Light touch inspection regime

More incentives will be developed over the summer months, before the scheme goes live on 1 October.

The scheme is being run in partnership with the National Landlords Association (NLA).

"We believe that education and accreditation is the best way to enable landlords to maintain a profitable and successful letting business and vital to improving standards in property management across the sector.

"After a collaborative effort we're delighted that landlords in Cumbria will now be able to access the whole raft of educational and developmental resources that will set them apart from other landlords, and provide assurance to tenants that they're dealing with a professional that understands their responsibilities and obligations."

– Renee Young, Landlord Development and Accreditation Officer, NLA

It's expected to simplify things for landlords in Cumbria who have rental properties in more than one Cumbrian district or who intend to expand into other areas.


'It's a way of proving you're a reputable landlord'

The Cumbria Landlord Accreditation is a new scheme being launched across Cumbria to support good landlords, and identify those who neglect their properties and tenants.

Private landlords Michael and Sylvia Marrs, who rent 24 properties to students in Carlisle, are being encouraged to join the Cumbria Landlord Accreditation Scheme.

They'll be able to take advantage of benefits, including legal updates and advertising opportunities. The scheme goes live in October.

Cumbrian landlords will benefit from new scheme

A scheme to support good landlords and weed out those who neglect their properties and exploit tenants is being launched across Cumbria.

Private landlords are being encouraged to sign up to the Cumbria Landlord Accreditation Scheme to take advantage of benefits including legal updates and advertising opportunities.

The scheme launches later this month and goes live in October.

In Cumbria, Census data showed:

  • 25,183 individuals renting properties from private landlords in 2011
  • In 2001 there were 16,575 people renting
  • In Eden District, the private rented sector accounts for 16% of the housing stock

The third statistic, taken from Eden District Council's Private Sector Housing Condition Survey 2012, is double what it was 10 years ago.

"Working with the National Landlords Association (NLA) to deliver the new scheme offers even more benefits for Cumbrian landlords. The NLA offers support such as regular legal updates. Landlords can opt into a membership package that suits their needs, which can include access to free downloadable tenancy agreements and other legal forms as well as a telephone helpline and an extensive on-line library. This is just the sort of scheme I would expect good landlords would want to join."

– Ruth Atkinson, Director, Eden District Council's Communities
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