Small firms show their worth

An event's been held in Workington to showcase successful small and medium sized firms in West Cumbria. High tech engineering firms in the energy sector are booming in the area.

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Showcase event highlights high tech boom in Cumbria

West Cumbria's high tech energy sector has been booming. It's thanks to the presence of Sellafield which continues to train and draw-in highly skilled engineers to the region.

Many small and medium sized companies are beginning to thrive there as well.

An event's been held in Workington to showcase successful firms and provide them with new opportunities.

Matthew Taylor reports:

Engineering skills gap opens up in West Cumbria

A gap has opened up between the availability of skilled engineers in West Cumbria and the numbers of jobs that area being created there

The problem is that the energy sector is continuing to grow but the level of skills isn't increasing at the same rate.

It's an issue that was discussed at the Cumbria Excellence Day, an invent to promote small and medium sized businesses.

Luke Dicicco from Britain's Energy Coast - which helps local firms to invest in skills - says it's a problem that is being addressed.


Sellafield creates business opportunities in Cumbria

Sellafield has been promising to make it easier for local businesses to win contracts from the company.

George Beveridge, Deputy Managing Director at Sellafield, says terms and conditions have been simplified for small and medium companies.

He made the announcement at Cumbria Excellence Day, a special event that has been showcasing the success of the energy sector in West Cumbria.

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