Campaign to highlight dangers of Border railway

It is just over a year until the Borders Railway will officially open to passengers but work is already underway to highlight the dangers of the line to children that live near by.

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Children using drama to learn railway safety

Network Rail have found a novel way to teach children about rail safety.

Children from Langlee Primary in Galashiels have been using somewhat unusual methods to learn about the dangers of playing on rail tracks, using music and dance to get the message across.

"The message has been absolutely brilliant, they have made it really clear for the children because it has all been done through drama and, obviously different kinds of movement.

It is sort of imbedding it in the learning. They are just so excited but they know the message know which is so vital."

– Marion Romeril, Teacher Langlee Primary School

While work on the £350million project is continuing this scheme will reach out to other children in the area.

So far one and a half thousand children from fifteen different primary schools have had a session like this one, in the hope of reducing unnecessary casualties.

"Sadly people die on the railway every year from trespass related accidents and that is something we want to try and address from, even before we start running trains on the route, on the Borders Railway line."

– Craig Bowman, Network Rail

The line is expected to open in the autumn of next year, and the people behind this scheme hope the children will continue to remember what they have learned.


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