Dogs found in a drain

Two Border Terriers, that had been missing over a day, were found in an underground drain.

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Lost dogs heard whining in drain

Border terriers Molly and Malula went missing from their home near Penrith and after 32 hours away their owners had almost given up looking for them.

But after hearing their distant whining they were found, trapped inside a small drain. The problem then was how to get them out. Tim Backshall takes up the story.

Owner reunited with dogs that were found in a drain

The dogs were found in an underground drain Credit: Heidi Batey

A dog-owner is celebrating after being reunited with her lost pets.

The two Border Terriers had been missing for 32 hours when they were eventually found buried in an underground drain. It took a two-hours to dig up the drain and free dogs.


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