Lakes Distillery is almost complete

The distilling equipment arrives at the first distillery to be built in the Lake District for 200 years. It is expected to open in early December.

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'The biggest distillery in England' is almost complete

The stills have now arrived on site Credit: ITV Border

The Lakes Distillery, near Bassenthwaite, is expected to open in December. Paul Currie has invested £5 million pounds in the distillery that will create 30 jobs.

He says the conditions are just right for producing whisky:

"We are taking water from the Derwent which analysis has shown is outstanding for whisky production. It'll also be perfect for our whisky and our gin. I think we've got every chance of production something as good if not better than anything in Scotland the conditions here are perfect"

The Whisky will have a unique selling point Credit: ITV Border

It's thought that Whisky has not been made in Cumbria for 200 years and the idea is that people will want to visit the distillery for a tour as it will be five years until the first Whisky is ready for drinking.

There will soon be two distilleries in Dumfries and Galloway Credit: ITV Border

Paul Currie expects to produce one million bottles of Whisky a year. He says it will be the biggest distillery in England by some margin.


Lake District distillery is a step closer to opening

The stills have arrived on site Credit: ITV Border

The Lakes Distillery is another step closer to opening as the stills and other equipment arrive.

The £5 million distillery, based at Bassenthwaite, has launched a new pre-opening visitor reception ahead of its official opening in early December.

It's the first to be built in the area for over 200 years and will produce whisky, gin and vodka.

The Lakes Distillery is based at a victorian model farm Credit: ITV Border
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