Campaign to demolish 'eyesore' hotel

Locals in Moffat have renewed their campaign to get a rundown hotel in the town demolished. The former Mercury Hotel has been derelict for nearly 15 years and campaigners say its driving tourists from the town.

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'Eyesore' hotel 'bad' for tourism

It's been branded an eyesore and a disgrace - now people in one town in Dumfries and Galloway say they've had enough of waiting for the Edinburgh Woollen Mill to renovate a former hotel.

The Mercury Inn in Moffat has been derelict for nearly 15 years. Campaigners and the local MP say it's bad for tourism and are urging the company to take action.

It says it's already working to refurbish it. Katie Hunter reports.

Hotel owners 'working to redevelop' site

The owners of the former Mercury Hotel Inn in Moffat have spoken out after locals have criticised them for the state of the building.

The site, which has been derelict for almost 15 years, is owner by the hight street chain The Edinburgh Woollen Mill

“We are currently working with the local council, community and MP on plans to redevelop the former hotel site”

– Spokesman, The Edinburgh Woollen Mill


Local takes a seat in protest over derelict hotel site

The former Mercury Hotel site has been derelict for almost 15 years Credit: ITV News Border

Locals in Moffat are calling for an 'eyesore' hotel to be demolished or revamped.

Alan Rush is leading the campaign and has spent the last two weeks outside the doors of the old Mercury Inn hotel.

Alan Rush is leading the campaign Credit: ITV News Border

The local MP for Dumfriesshire, David Mundell has given his backing to locals, calling the site is an eyesore.

The site is owned by Edinburgh Woollen Mill Credit: ITV News Border

Locals say the the site is driving tourists away from the area, claiming it is having a negative impact on the local economy.

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