Singing for mental health awareness

A Cumbrian man is walking a hundred miles from Kirkby Stephen to Cockermouth playing his ukelele and singing to try and get people talking about mental health. Steve Wharton suffered as a teenager. Now, he wants people be open about things like depression, self-harm and grief.

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Cumbrian campaigner says 'No Man Is An Island'

A Cumbrian campaigner has set off to walk a hundred miles from the east to the west of the county, to raise awareness about Mental Health.

Steve Wharton has called his trip "No Man Is An Island", and it'll take him from Kirkby Stephen to Cockermouth.

He's travelling with his ukulele, and will be singing wherever he goes. He wants to encourage people to talk about issues such as depression.


'Mental health issues affect a lot of us'

As a teenager Steve Wharton was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, now he's using his musical talents to raise awareness of mental health issues.

He's going to walk 100 miles from Kirkby Stephen to Cockermouth, talking, and singing, about mental health.

He says more needs to be done to help people be more open about their mental health:

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