Penrith FC in row over rent arrears

Penrith FC are in a dispute with Eden District Council, which says the club has not paid a penny in rent for five years. The club have admit they are behind on payments but have no intention of paying until essential groundwork is complete.

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Penrith FC's stadium row with council

As the country’s Premier League teams battle over which multi-million pound players to sign for the new season, the future of one of the region’s small town clubs hangs in the balance over unpaid rent.

A row has broken out between Penrith FC and Eden District Council over the stadium lease. The council says Penrith hasn’t paid any rent for nearly five years. The club say the council hasn’t carried out urgent repairs since it moved it.

Paul Crone reports:


Penrith FC accused of not paying rent for five years

The club was founded in 1894 Credit: ITV Border

Even before the start of the football season, a row has erupted between Penrith FC and Eden District Council.

The dispute is over the stadium lease, with the council claiming the club hasn't paid a penny in rent since they moved into the ground almost five years ago.

The football club says until the council carries out essential and long-standing repairs to they ground, they have no intention of paying.

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