Former street dog's new lease of life

Glory, a former street dog from Romania, had three paws amputated but now she's been fitted with prosthetic legs. She's the first dog in Europe to have three prosthetic legs.

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Glory: Brampton's bionic dog

Glory is the bionic dog with a tale that's bound to make to you smile.

A year ago we told you about her, a street dog from Romania who'd had three paws amputated.

Well, now, she's been fitted with prosthetic legs and appears to be enjoying her new life in the Cumbrian town of Brampton. Katie Hunter reports:


Cumbrian dog first in Europe with three prosthetic legs

This is the picture which inspired Vanessa to re-home Glory from Romania to Cumbria Credit: Vanessa Bamkin

Glory's learning to walk and run on her new prosthetic limbs a year after being adopted by a Cumbrian family.

When Vanessa Bamkin from Brampton saw a photo of Glory on Facebook she decided to take action.

Glory has now been fitted with three prosthetic legs and is the picture of health Credit: ITV News Border

Glory was a street dog in Romania who had three paws amputated and could hardly walk.

Vanessa arranged for her to be moved to Cumbria before raising more than £3,000 to pay for three new prosthetic limbs.

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