Mountain rescue teams' bank holiday plea

Mountain rescue teams are asking people to make sure they're prepared if walking in the hills this weekend.

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Mountain Rescue bank holiday advice

It's a plea mountain rescue teams make time and time again - if you're heading onto the hills this bank holiday weekend then make sure you're prepared.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue team in the Lake District had five calls last weekend including one family who called for help and then failed to notify emergency services once they'd made it to safety.

Penny Kirby explains what type of strain it put on the organisation if they are called out when someone has found their way but not informed them:

"It means that were are searching unnecessarily and extends the search by hours. It means that if we have a genuine call for help later on, we might not be in a position to help, and would have to call on other teams which puts a delay into the system."

– Penny Kirby, Team Leader, Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team

Advice checklist:

  • Check the forecast - be mindful that it is about ten degrees cooler on the tops than in the valley with stronger winds and heavier rain
  • Wear the right clothing and take extra
  • Take and use a map and a compass
  • Be aware of what time it gets dark
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