Shoppers encouraged to 'love Scotch lamb'

Farmers from the South of Scotland have been encouraging shoppers to buy Scotch Lamb. Shoppers were offered freshly cooked lamb outside supermarkets in Galashiels and Dumfries as part of a national campaign.

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Lamb on the menu for Galashiels shoppers

Shoppers in Galashiels have been encouraged to try Scotch lamb cooked on supermarket premises.

Visitors to a store in the town on Sunday were treated to freshly cooked lamb from a barbecue. Shoppers in Dumfries were also offered lamb on Saturday.

It's part of a campaign to encourage more people to buy lamb from Scotland.

It was also served up as a specialty in three Border restaurants over the weekend.

Customers are treated to lamb in the Galashiels store Credit: ITV Border

Farmers encourage shoppers to "Love Scotch Lamb"

Farmers from the South of Scotland are encouraging shoppers to buy Scotch Lamb this weekend.

Sheep Farmers are heading to supermarkets and town centres across Scotland to encourage the public to sample top quality lamb.

On Saturday, farmers were outside stores in Dumfries, and today (Sunday) Farmers will target shoppers in Galashiels.

Border restaurants The Caddy Mann, Burts Townhouse and the Auld Cross Keys are taking part in the campaign by including lamb dishes on the menu.

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