Cameron: Union supports 1m jobs for Scottish workers

The Prime Minister heads north of the border today in a call to keep the Union together, which he claims supports one million Scottish jobs.

David Cameron will use his trip north to make the business case for Scotland remaining in the UK - describing Britain as one of the world's "oldest and most successful single markets".

Gordon Brown joined forces with Alistair Darling yesterday during a Better Together referendum event at Marryat Hall in Dundee.

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Darling: 'No thanks' to independence

Both sides in the referendum campaign are claiming that David Cameron's visit to Scotland will boost their cause.

The SNP believe his appearance north of the Border helps win votes for the 'yes' side. But Better Together's leader insists it will boost the case for a 'no' vote.

Alistair Darling says any voice making a powerful case for the Union is welcome in the run-up to September the 18th.

Answering questions on the key issues ahead of September's vote, Mr Darling told our Scotland political editor, Peter MacMahon, a referendum was different from a general election:

Cameron talks business with Scotland

David Cameron has spent the day in Scotland campaigning for a 'no' vote in September's independence referendum. Later this evening, the Prime Minister is expected to say the UK is one of the world's 'oldest and most successful single markets'.

But Alex Salmond has accused him of 'tinkering' with an exit from another single market: the European Union. Joe Pike reports:


Yes vote will create a 'prosperous economy and just society'

The Prime Minister David Cameron will address the business organisation CBI Scotland's annual dinner in Glasgow.

Cameron is expected to tell business leaders that the UK supports one million Scottish jobs whilst making his case for the country to remain in the Union.

It comes the day after a group of 200 business leaders signed an open letter expressing their support for a 'Yes' vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

First Minister Alex Salmond was asked what an independent Scotland could offer businesses that can't be offered currently:

Salmond: Continuing trade is 'right and proper'

Prime Minister David Cameron is North of the border making his business case for Scotland to stay in the UK.

He's described Britain as one of the 'oldest and most successful single markets'.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond says that the 'single market' will remain if Scotland became independent and that continuing trade between countries is 'right and proper':

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Cameron: Union supports one million Scottish jobs

David Cameron will tell business leaders tonight that the United Kingdom supports one million Scottish jobs, as he hopes to make the business case for the country remaining in the Union.

David Cameron will call the Union one of the world's Credit: David Cheskin/PA Archive

"Scotland does twice as much trade with the rest of the UK than with the rest of the world put together," the Prime Minister will say in a speech to CBI Scotland in Glasgow this evening.

For some industries, the proportion of trade with the rest of the UK is even higher - 90% of Scottish financial services' customers are in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Then there's the world-famous gaming industry, cutting-edge sub-sea technology and life-saving biomedicine - all selling far more outside Scotland than inside.

– David Cameron to CBI Scotland

The Prime Minister will attribute this success to the "skill of people in Scotland ... and the opportunities that come from being part of something bigger".

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