Farmers face low grain prices despite good harvest

Farmers in southern Scotland are facing one of the best harvests in recent years, but are struggling for grain prices.

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Farmers face lower grain profits

Despite high yields in the South of Scotland, the National Farmers Union says producers are struggling to make a profit due to a fall in market prices.

Our Borders reporter Jenny Longden has been at a farm near Duns to find out, what it may mean to farmers, and ultimately consumers.

Well earlier Ian Payne spoke to Andy Hindhaugh, who sells crops for a living. He began by asking him to explain why, if it has been a good harvest, can it be a bad year for farmers?

Grain prices are 'disappointing'

Farmers say that despite a bumper yield during harvesting time this year, they are being paid much less for the grain they produce.

Farmers across the region are being paid up to £100 less per tonne on last year, for grains including wheat, oats and barley.

The approximate grain prices for 2013 to 2014 are:

  • Winter Barley: -£50 per tonne
  • Oil Seed Rape: -£100 per tonne
  • Malting Barley: -£100 per tonne


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