Job losses across Cumbria

A spate of job losses have been announced by companies across Cumbria.

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37 jobs to be lost in Carlisle

John Lewis is set to close a depot in Carlisle Credit: PA

37 jobs are set to be lost in Carlisle as a John Lewis distribution centre closes.

The company has announced plans to close its depot at the Kingmoor Business Park.

A consultation process will now start with all employees, who are to be offered early retirement, voluntary redundancy or relocation to a new distribution centre in Milton Keynes.

Task force needs to be set up

The MP for Workington says that a task force needs to be set up to see if a West Cumbrian factory can be saved.

Yesterday, the Eastman Chemical Company announced that its factory in Flimby, near Workington, may have to close.

With more than 152 jobs at risk, Sir Tony Cunningham says that there has got to be hope.

Today's news 'huge blow'

Sir Tony Cunningham, the MP for Workington, has said that today's announcement that the Eastman factory may close is a 'huge blow' to the people of Workington.


152 jobs at risk in Workington

152 at the Eastman factory in Workington are at risk Credit: ITV Border

152 jobs could be lost if an Eastman factory in Workington closes.

Employees have been informed that there will be a consultation period regarding proposals to close the Eastman Workington acetate tow manufacturing site.

The closure is reportedly the result of changes in the global demand for acetate tow.

The company says decisions about how to proceed will be made based on what best serves the global acetate tow business and Eastman.

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