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Lori Carnochan visits the Dumfries church which is bucking the trend of falling attendances - the minister says the key is involving the whole community, irrespective of religion. Sandy McCracken gets an exclusive look inside a mausoleum which is being restored in the Borders: the man who commissioned it thought he would be the only one to ever see inside it. And we hear the extraordinary story of a friendship forged after a dramatic rescue in the Himalayas which resulted in a Sherpa from Nepal making his home in Scotland.

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Fiona Armstrong talks to a 95 year old veteran of Bletchley Park, who used one of Alan Turing's machines to help to break Nazi codes and to shorten the Second World War.


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Lori Carnochan explores secret tunnels under Dumfries, while Sandy McCracken takes a look at Kirkcudbright's new gallery and asks why the town has been such a magnet for artists. Plus, a visit to the first whisky distillery in the Borders for 200 years.

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Fiona Armstrong meets the President of the Scottish NFU at his farm in Dumfries & Galloway to talk about Brexit and the other challenges facing Scotland's farming community.

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Lori learns the art of climbing a 70' tree, while Fiona visits the Borders Book Festival and Sandy reports on the village which has rescued the only petrol pump for miles around.


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Lori meets the fishermen trying to bolster salmon stocks in local rivers, while Sandy reports on one of Scotland's rarest cottages.

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Fiona Armstrong meets legendary sheepdog trainer Viv Billingham, who talks about a life in the south of Scotland, and recounts how her star animals were honoured by the Queen.

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