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Smartwater - the substance that tracks thieves

A burglary at a building site has prompted police to encourage people to protect their businesses and homes.

Between Saturday 24th May to Tuesday 27th May, a building site near Penrith was burgled.

Two containers had been forced open and expensive power and plant equipment was stolen.

Police recommend using Smartwater which helps to track criminals. It is a forensic property marking kit. On arrest, suspects are checked for traces of the marking system.

Smartwater will dry clear on the offender’s hair, skin and clothes and can last for weeks. Once detected, police can pinpoint it to a location or crime.

“I would urge everyone to mark their property with UV pens or forensic marking kits as it significantly increases the chances of us being able to reunite stolen property with its rightful owner. Make sure you are always vigilant about your home and business security.”

– Claire Stevens, Crime Prevention Officer for Cumbria Constabular


Old meets new: The 'twittertape'

Adam Vaughan and his twittertape machine Credit: ITV Border

Web development manager Adam Vaughan from Cumwhinton near Carlisle is hoping his unique twittertape machine will attract the attention of investors.

Adam has combined the old with the new by building a device which prints out his tweets onto old fashioned ticker tape. The 33 year old says the twittertape machine has attracted much interest and is now hoping it can be commercially produced.


Super-fast broadband for Dales community without the big companies

A community in South Cumbria could pave the way for areas all over the country to be part of a high-speed broadband network without waiting for any big companies to install fibre-optic cable in their area.

Homes and businesses in Garsdale and Dent have teamed up to create their own community broadband company and are hoping to connect their homes in the New Year.

They have set up their own broadband company called Fibre GarDen and the community has shares in it.

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