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What is the Macmillan Cancer Charity?

Organisers of a Carlisle coffee morning hope to raise more than £1,000 for the Macmillan Cancer Charity.

Here's a quick summary of the charity, so you know where your money is going:

  • Founded in 1911, the charity helps people with cancer by providing practical, emotional and financial support. This can be anything from a lift to hospital, to a grant to pay for heating bills.
  • 98% of income comes from donations, so charity events like today's coffee morning in Carlisle are vital.
  • Last year they raised nearly £190m. £121.7m went on services for people affected by cancer, with the largest portion going towards healthcare. The remaining money was spent on governance and fundraising.


Harry Redknapp supports charity coffee morning

A coffee morning is underway in Carlisle to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Charity.

It's being hosted by Lee Brennan, and he's not the only celebrity who is lending his support.

Energy saving street lamps light up Cumbria

13,000 street lights will be replaced with energy efficient bulbs Credit: Stephen Pond/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Cumbria County Council is replacing 13,000 street lights with new energy efficient LED bulbs.

The scheme will cost more than 7 and half million pounds but will save local tax payers almost half a million pounds a year.

Most major routes in Cumbria will benefit from the new lights which are brighter and more environmentally friendly.

"Technology has been improving over the years and where we've been able to keep pace with that we have done. Now the new LED systems have come into place they are much more efficient. Saving us about 200% efficiency on each light we replace so the next few years will start to see real savings."

– Cllr Keith Little, Cumbria County Council

Shooting for the stars

Life on mars, extra terrestrials and space travel are no longer things we just watch in the movies. Experts believe that soon we will be offered flights to space in the same way we can book a holiday abroad.

One girl from Dumfries is hoping to make her dream of going into space a reality, and she's now closer than ever after winning a trip to NASA.

Lori Carnochan reports


Dumfries student aims for the moon

A student from Dumfries High School has beaten off hundreds of others to win a place at Nasa Space School in Houston.

16-year-old Jennifer Morris will fly to America next month to take part in the week-long programme. She'll meet astronauts, learn about space and find out how to make a career out of her passion.

An app for the afterlife

It's not a subject we like to talk about too much, but sadly death does come to us all eventually.

In an attempt to take away some of the stress surrounding it, one independent manufacturer of coffins has produced an app for our pc's and tablets to help us choose the best casket.

With the app for the afterlife, you can even choose which handles and lids you'd prefer!

Paul Crone reports from Annan:

Picking your coffin - now there's an app for that

Death is not a subject we like to talk about too much, but a coffin manufacturer in Annan has come up with a different way to deal with it.

As well as making hundreds of coffins each week for distribution across the North West of England and Southern Scotland, DFS Caskets has produced an app for tablets, pc's and mobile phones so you can take your time to pick the right coffin.

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