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Glue spillage closes road

Police say the A76 outside of Sanquhar will remain closed for most of the day, after a glue lorry overturned.

Around 400 metres of the road is currently covered in glue.

The diversion currently in place is:

Southbound onto A70 at Cumnock, onto then B7078 to Abington Services, onto A702, then rejoin the A76.

Police advise northbound motorists to reverse this route.



Police are warning motorists that several roads in the region are suffering hazardous conditions.

There's heavy snow reported on A74 northbound at junction 15 and black ice on the A76 near Auldgirth.

Ice has also been reported on the A713 north of Carsphairn.

Stopping distance is increased in snow and ice so allow extra distance to the vehicle in front.

"Ease your foot off the clutch gently to avoid wheel spin and do not brake heavily as this will lock your wheels and increase skidding.

"Consider driving in a lower gear."Reduce your speed and take care when out on the road."

– Dumfries and Galloway Police