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Documentary suggests Iran caused Lockerbie bombing

The Lockerbie bombing was ordered by Iran in retaliation for a US strike on an Iranian passenger plane, a new documentary has claimed.

Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was convicted of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Scotland in which 270 people were killed more than 25 years ago.

But former Iranian intelligence officer Abolghassem Mesbahi has told an Al Jazeera documentary that the bombing was ordered by Tehran. He says it was carried out by the Syrian-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command.

It's claimed it was in retaliation for a US navy strike on an Iranian commercial jet six months earlier, in which 290 people died.The US ship apparently mistook the plane for an F-14 fighter jet.

"Iran decided to retaliate as soon as possible. The decision was made by the whole system in Iran and confirmed by Ayatollah Khomeini.

The target of the Iranian decision makers was to copy exactly what's happened to the Iranian Airbus. Everything exactly same, minimum 290 people dead. This was the target of the Iranian decision makers."

– Abolghassem Mesbahi, former Iranian Intelligence Officer

Lockerbie bomber's family "to appeal" his conviction

The family of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the only person to be convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, say they plan to appeal against his conviction. Libyan Megrahi was convicted of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in which 270 people died 25 years ago.

Magrahi lodged a second appeal against his conviction from behind bars in Scotland where he was serving life for mass murder. However he dropped his case two days before he was released on compassionate grounds by the Scottish Government. He was suffering with prostate cancer.

Magrahi died last year protesting his innocence. Tonight, his brother said that his family plans to appeal the conviction. It comes as members of the UK Families Flight 103 group announced they are also considering their own appeal against Megrahi's conviction in a bid to reach the truth.

We want to appeal and we wish for the truth to be revealed and this is not just for our own benefit but also for the benefit of the families of the victims and for public opinion.

We need to know who committed this horrible crime. But, as you know, we as a family cannot afford to pay for the appeals process.

God-willing, the Libyan government will do this, but it has to be launched by the family first."

– Abdel-Hakim al-Megrahi, brother of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi