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Farmers urged to protect against blowfly strike

Sheep farmers in the region are being encouraged to prevent a parasite growth in lambs called blowfly strike

Blowflies lay eggs on sheep, which hatch into maggots and can prove fatal for livestock.

In the UK, 80 per cent of sheep farms experience blowfly strike and for farmers the economic cost can be huge.

A number of products that stop infestation from taking place can be sprayed onto sheared wool.

The parasite spreads in warmer conditions, so researchers are encouraging farmers to take action now.


Full Report: Drive for more young farmers

A new drive has been launched to try to stop the decline in the number of young people going into farming.

While it remains one of the most important industries in the region fewer and fewer are entering the profession.

A national group will now look at the future of farming and what can be done to change the situation.

You can watch the full report from our Rural Affairs correspondent Tim Backshall below.


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