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Poll: Alistair Darling wins first independence debate

A poll conducted by ICM for the Guardian has found that Alistair Darling won the first Scottish independence debate by 56% to Alex Salmond's 46%.


Miliband tweets support for Alistair Darling

Pro-union Westminster politicians, including Labour leader Ed Miliband, tweeted their support for Alistair Darling after the first Scottish independence debate tonight.


Well done Alistair. Showed that Better Together offers the best of both worlds and Alex Salmond has no answers on the key questions.


Darling won that hands down, the right questions, the strongest arguments for the UK - Salmond's bluff and bluster no match #ScotDecides

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Salmond asks Darling 20 times: Do you agree with PM?

Alex Salmond repeatedly pushed Alistair Darling to give a simple answer as he quizzed him more than 20 times if he agreed with David Cameron that Scotland can be a successful independent country.

The SNP leader told the former chancellor all he needed to give was a "yes" or "no" answer to his question as Darling repeatedly attempted to expand on his initial response.

But Darling refused to give him the word he wanted.

Watch the exchange here:

Pictures courtesy of STV


Darling attacks Salmond: What is your plan B?

One of the feistiest exchanges in the independence debate came as Alistair Darling pushed Alex Salmond for his "plan B" if Scotland doesn't get to keep the pound upon leaving the union.

Unhappy with his first answer in which Salmond attempted to quote his opponent, the former chancellor asked the SNP leader to "contemplate for just one minute that you might be wrong".

Mr Salmond refused to contemplate the loss of the pound as he raised his voice to be heard above shouts from the audience.

Watch the feisty exchange here:

Pictures courtesy of STV


Salmond presses Darling for 'yes' or 'no' answer

Alistair Darling has refused to give a yes or no reply to the question of whether Scotland could be a success as an independent country. ITV Border Political Editor Peter MacMahon has tweeted:


@alexsalmond asks several times if @togetherdarling agrees w @david_cameron Scotland could be a successful indy country.No yes or no reply

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