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People of Allerdale pay respects to World War 1 dead

Paying their respects: more than 500 men from Workington alone were killed in the fighting. Credit: ITV News Border
Hundreds of people marched through the town to the war memorial at Vulcan Park. Credit: ITV News Border
Professional soldiers were joined by local groups of cadets. Credit: ITV News Border

People from all over Allerdale paraded through Workington today to remember the fallen of World War 1.

A hundred years ago this year hostilities began in Europe – leading to a conflict that claimed millions of lives. More than 500 men fromWorkington alone were killed in the fighting.

Civic leaders, cadets, community groups and the British Legion joined hundreds of people who marched through the town to the war memorial at Vulcan Park.

A short service saw the laying of a wreath to honour the fallen.

Military parade through Workington to mark World War 1 centenary

Soldiers have been parading through Workington today to mark 100 years since since the start of World War 1.

Several organisations took part in the parade, including the 4th Battalion Duke of Lancaster Regimental Band, the British Legion, cadets groups and local school children.

The parade started at 10.45am at Workington station and it will end with a service at St Michael’s Church.


Operation launched to tackle livestock thefts

Police in Allerdale are launching a specific operation to tackle livestock theft. It follows a large number of cases across the whole of Cumbria. Police are asking farmers to consider the following actions:

  • Keeps hedges, fences and gates in good repair to assist security and visibility.
  • Be vigilant, make regular checks and encourage your neighbours to report the presence of strange vehicles.

  • If livestock is stolen, it is important that you can give police an accurate description.

  • Ear tags and horn brands can help identify livestock. Freeze branding, hot branding or tattooing your postcode can also be carried out. Consider micro chipping or dye in your dip.

Milk thefts in Allerdale

Police are investigating a spate of milk thefts in Allerdale.

Officers say thieves have been targeting homes in Silloth and Wigton over the last five months.

One suspect was seen jumping from a car to garb a bottle on a doorstep before running back to the car and driving off.

One of those said to be responsible for the thefts is said to be aged between 16 or 17 and of a slim build. He was seen in a grey hooded jacket.

Police ask that anyone with any information should call them on 101.

Shoppers encouraged to support local businesses

Shoppers across the region have been encouraged to support local businesses as part of the Government's Small Business Saturday initiative.

The scheme aims to highlight what independent retailers bring to their high streets and encourages people to shop locally.

Deborah Cosgove, Project Manager at Allerdale Borough Council, said: "We've been going additional work as to how we can actually support them in the longer term to be more sustainable to grow or even just to make sure they can cope over what can be very difficult times for people."


Council says new app is "brilliantly interactive"

A council in west cumbria has come up with a new way to fight environmental crime like fly tipping and dog fouling.

Allerdale Borough has launched a system on their website enabling smartphone users to report any mess they see using satellite technology to pinpoint exactly where the problem is.

The council say it will also save the tax payers money.

"This technology is brilliantly interactive - you see a map on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet computer, then hit the 'locate me automatically' button and report a problem on the spot.

"That means it's perfect for those who are just visiting too - they don't have to know road names to report an issue.

"We try to promote the 'Council in a Click' message and encourage people to report problems to us online - this takes that initiative to another level."

– Councillor Phil Tibble, Executive Member for Customer Services, Allerdale Borough Council

"We know how angry people get about things like dog mess and fly tipping and the Council's made no secret of the fact that it has a zero tolerance approach to these issues.

"What's great about our use of this new technology is that we will be able to identify hot spots, increase our officer's presence in those areas, and hopefully eradicate the problems in that locale for good."

– Councillor Michael Heaslip, Executive Member for Locality Services, Allerdale Borough Council

New app to fight environmental crime

Rubbish dumped in the street Credit: PA

Allerdale Borough Council have created a state of the art app to help fight environmental crime.

The softwear allows locals to use their mobiles to report everything from dog fouling and fly tipping, to graffiti and missed bin collections.

The app is the first of its kind and they hope, if it is successful, it will be adopted by other councils.

Police warning after "spate of crime" in Allerdale

Police in Allerdale are warning people to look after their possessions after a recent spate of crime in the area.

The warning comes from officers based at Cockermouth's Police station after 17 incidents were reported in just four days.

The rural based police team say they usually deal with just a couple of incidents per day but they find crime does increase during the summer.

RSPCA: "Never leave your dog in a car"

"Pulling a dying dog out of a car is one of the most distressing things we have to do.

"Once the dog's body temperature has reached 43 degrees the damage is irreparable, this can take just minutes in temperatures like we've had recently.

"We're working alongside Cumbria Constabulary on this issue. Never leave your dog in a car."

– Rob Melloy, RSPCA chief inspector for the Cumbria
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