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Your views: council's dog fouling crackdown

Dogs are no longer welcome at sections of around 20 parks in Allerdale. Credit: ITV Border

A local authority's plan to ban dogs from certain parts of its parks is polarising opinion on social media.

Allerdale Borough Council is bringing in the measures to make areas in which children and sports teams play cleaner, and safer.

Not fair for the genuine people who do clean up their dogs mess it takes a few seconds to clean it up it's a minority who don't."

– Stephen Lee Smith, Facebook

It only penalises responsible dog owners ........such a shame they've had to go to such extremes."

– Shelly Johnston, Facebook

About time,so many people think that dogs are humans. Reality check they are dogs."

– Andrea Lyndsey Baxter, Facebook

Seems barking........."

– Stuart Smith, Facebook

What annoys me is they never provide bins. Pick it up then do what with it. I do pick mine up but, annoys me there is never a bin to dispose it in?"

– Steph Felks, Facebook


'We must never ever forget'

Council buildings across the region will be flying flags for the military this week.

They are being hoisted ahead of Armed Forces Day on Saturday to recognise the contribution made by the nation's servicemen and women.

Allerdale Mayor Councillor Len Davies says it's an important reminder of the sacrifices made by those who serve in the forces.


Solar park approved

Artist's impression of a solar park Credit: ITV Border

A solar park in Cumbria has been given the go ahead after the Government decided not to oppose the plans.

The photovoltaic solar park will cover eight fields at Pasture Farm near Aspatria.

Allerdale Borough Council had initially approved the plans but it was delayed by a last minute intervention from Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. He had received a request from protestors to hold a public inquiry.

But after examining the issue Mr. Pickles has decided to allow the original decision to stand.

Opponents had tried to stop the plan, by Livos Energy, on the grounds that the solar panels would industrialise the landscape. The area already has a number of wind farms.

Health summit in West Cumbria

A health summit has taken place in Allerdale to address concerns regarding health provisions in West Cumbria.

Representatives from a whole range of health organisations and businesses attended the meeting at Lakes College in Workington.

The leader of Allerdale Borough Council Alan Smith says he is dedicated to pushing this through to keep services in West Cumbria.

Police crackdown on vehicles without road tax

Driving without up-to-date road tax and insurance is illegal Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Police in north and west Cumbria are clamping down on vehicles without up-to-date road tax and insurance records.

They worked with staff from DVLA Gateshead Pound in a week-long operation that saw 16 vehicles clamped or seized, and seven on-the-spot fines.

  • Seven vehicles were clamped and seized in Carlisle
  • Four vehicles were seized in Aspatria
  • Two vehicles were seized in Cockermouth
  • One vehicle was clamped in Maryport and one vehicle was seized
  • One vehicle was clamped in Crosby

“We are very pleased with how the operation went and we will look to conduct more in the future. Driving without tax or insurance is illegal and can cause serious implications to law-abiding road users were a collision to occur. We would ask that anyone who believes they can get away without paying for road tax are wrong. Officers will be alerted to vehicles that are being used without road tax and will subsequently target those drivers.”

– Sergeant Gill Atkinson, Allerdale Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team
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