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Dogs rescued from hot cars in Appleby Fair

Four collie-type dogs were rescued from a pick-up truck during the Appleby Fair. Despite having high temperatures, the dogs recovered and a man was cautioned.

Another dog was removed from a car on Sunday and was too hot. However, it recovered quickly and a woman was interviewed and cautioned.

“It’s so frustrating to keep repeating the same message over and over and to keep dealing with incidents that we’ve warned against. Very fortunately all of the dogs were okay.

Never leave your dog in a vehicle, or anywhere else that can get hot, on a warm day.”

– Rob Melloy, RSPCA chief inspector

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The RSPCA also dealt with a horse that had been over-ridden to the point of exhaustion, a donkey suffering with a skin condition, an injured kitten and a collapsed horse that failed to recover.

The RSPCA dealt with 147 incidents this year and issued three warnings compared to 142 incidents and 10 warnings last year.

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Appleby Fair went 'very well'

Appleby Fair has ended. Despite more visitors than was originally predicted, police have said the fair went well.

Police have thanked people living in Appleby for their tolerance during the fair.

“The number of Travellers passing through the district has been up on recent years, with a maximum of 131 caravans in South Lakeland at any one time this year.

Despite the highest number of Travellers for a number of years, it has gone very well. Aside from one or two minor issues there have been very few problems."

– John Barwise, SLDC’s Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer

“The excellent work by all the agencies as made this fair a success for many. I have never received so many good comments and praise of the whole organisation of the fair. Their work helps with the friendly atmosphere and results in people having an enjoyable time.”

– Billy Welch, representative of the Gypsy and Traveller community


Four dogs rescued from baking hot car at Appleby Horse Fair.

Four collie dogs have had to be rescued from a car at the Appleby Horse Fair.

The dogs were found in the back of a pick up truck, where the temperature measured 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The RSPCA and Cumbria Police attended the scene on Garths Head Road in Appleby where they took the back off the car so the collies could be released.

The four dogs were taken to a nearby police station to be given water.

30,000 expected at Appleby Horse Fair

The Appleby Horse Fair began on the 6th June, with more people than usual visiting the town. Overall, 30,000 people are expected to attend the fair.

Queues to get to Fair Hill began from 5.30am on Thursday morning. Although there were five arrests today, Cumbria Police have said this is a very small amount for such a large turn out.

Matt Taylor was in Appleby:


'Low' arrests at Appleby Fair

30,000 people are believed to be in Appleby for the annual fair Credit: PA

Five arrests were made in the first 24 hours of Appleby Fair. One was for assault, two for having controlled drugs and two for being drunk and disorderly.

However, police have acknowledged that this is a small number of arrests among the group of 30,000 believed to be at the fair and that the 'vast majority of people are enjoying the event and are in good spirits'.

Tributes paid to soldier killed in training exercise in Cumbria

Sgt Mark Foley was killed during a training exercise at Warcop Training Area near Appleby Credit: MOD

Tributes have been paid to a soldier who died during a training exercise at an army base in Cumbria.

Sergeant Mark Foley, 31, died at Warcop Training Area near Appleby on Wednesday. It's understood that a vehicle rolled over during training.

Sgt Foley is survived by his wife Kelly and two daughters, Emily and Hannah. His wife described him as her "soul mate and best friend" and said they will "miss him so much".

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