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Die back ash tree disease

"It's inevitable that we will see some of this die-back disease in Cumbria. It's a problem that's been going on in Europe for a number of years now and now that it's in Britain it's going to spread relentlessly probably north and further west so I do expect we will see it at some point sooner or later in Cumbria and we'll have to deal with it when it comes here."

– Ted Wilson, Forestry Consultant, Silviculture Research


'Ash dieback' could alter Cumbrian landscape

The Cumbrian landscape could be under serious threat from a fungal tree disease.

'Die back of ash' has wiped out swathes of trees across Europe and has recently been detected in Northumberland and County Durham.

Experts here say the disease is a threat to many ancient specimen ash trees in valleys such as St John's in the Vale and Borrowdale.