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Overnight closures on major Cumbrian road

Credit: Highways England

Overnight closures will be introduced on one of Cumbria's main roads so work can take place on a £1.5million flood defence scheme.

Highways England is raising the carriageway by almost a metre on a stretch of the A66 at Bassenthwaite to better protect the road from flooding.

The full week of overnight closures begin on Friday (16 December) and will affect both eastbound and westbound carriageways between Lambfoot and Dubwath junctions.

Closures will be in place between 8pm and 6am.

Too windy to sail?

Poor weather reduced the number of people there. Credit: ITV Border

Poor weather has reduced the number of people at the Bassenthwaite Sailing Club's annual regatta.

Wind is necessary to sail, but there's been a bit too much of it today, making conditions dangerous for all but the most experienced sailors.

The event still drew a decent crowd. Credit: ITV Border

Despite the poor weather there was still a good turnout to Bass Week, which is one of the north of England's biggest sailing regattas.



'Locally extinct' fishes found in lake

Two adult vendace were spotted during the annual fish survey of Bassenthwaite Lake. Credit: ITV Border

Britain's rarest freshwater fish is returning to Cumbria, more than a decade after being declared 'locally extinct'.

Two adult vendace were spotted during the annual fish survey of Bassenthwaite Lake. It's an improvement on last year's survey, which found a single young vendace.

'Hedgehogs' help provide refuge for Cumbria's fish stocks

Fish experts are concerned that stocks of our native species are declining in Cumbria's famous lakes - so the Environment Agency is trying a novel approach to protect them.

Protective shelters have been installed in Bassenthwaite Lake to help fish evade predators.

Patrol officers will use a remote controlled boat to help them check the shelters.

Matthew Taylor went to find out more.

Hedgehog refuges used for first time in north of England

The 'hedgehog' equipment bringing a boost to the fish stocks in the lake Credit: ITV News

The refuges protect growing fish from predators and will help the fish stocks in the area to increase.

It is the first time equipment like this has been used in the north of England.

Andrew Booth from the Environment Agency prepares to head out on a survey boat Credit: ITV News
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