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Woman claimed benefits after £28k inheritance

A single mum continued to claim benefits, despite inheriting over £28,000 from her grandfather's will.

Natasha Yorke from Walkerburn in Peeblesshire, was left the money in February 2010.

"Miss Yorke had an ongoing Income Support claim. She inherited this share of the sale of a house but failed to declare it.”

– Tessa Bradley, Depute Fiscal

The 21-year-old shop assistant failed to informe the Benfeits Agency and continued to colect nearly £3000 worth of income support she wasn't entitled to.

"The money was spent paying back loans to family members and other payments she was due.

"She also furnished her house for her and her child and she had nothing left by the August of 2010.

“She was depressed after the death of her grandfather, as he had virtually brought her up, and she knew the money would be going out as quickly as it came in."

– Ed Hulme, Defence lawyer

She has now been banned from claiming any benefits until 2014, after spending all of the money.

Sheriff Mark Thurley deferred sentencing until January 23rd for the preparation of background reports.

Silloth man denies benefit fraud.

The trial continues at Carlisle crown court where a jury has been watching videos of a Silloth man playing golf at a time when he claimed to be too disabled to walk more than 100 metres without feeling severe discomfort.

The films - shot by Department for Work and Pensions fraud investigator Alan Robinson - are the main evidence against 41-year-old Leigh Neilly, who is on trial accused of claiming nearly £39,000 in Disability Living Allowance that he wasn't entitled to.

The jury have also been shown videos of Neilly renovating his house.Neilly, of Wampool Street, Silloth, denies benefit fraud by making false claims about his health, and a charge of failing to tell the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) his health had improved enough to affect his claim.