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VIDEO: Watch Border Life online

Fiona Armstrong meets the President of the Scottish NFU at his farm in Dumfries & Galloway to talk about Brexit and the other challenges facing Scotland's farming community.

VIDEO:Watch Border Life online

Lori learns the art of climbing a 70' tree, while Fiona visits the Borders Book Festival and Sandy reports on the village which has rescued the only petrol pump for miles around.


Watch Border Life 13/07/2018

Fiona Armstrong meets legendary sheepdog trainer Viv Billingham, who talks about a life in the south of Scotland, and recounts how her star animals were honoured by the Queen.


VIDEO: Watch Border Life online

Sandy McCracken goes behind the scenes at a poultry show to meet some award-winning chickens and ducks. Lori Carnochan meets two young textile designers who are producing high-end scarves using traditional Borders techniques.

VIDEO: Watch Border Life online

Lori Carnochan goes on the hunt for one of Scotland's rarest creatures, while Sandy McCracken meets the mosaic artist who is turning Selkirk's flood barrier into a work of art.

Video: Watch Border Life online

Fiona Armstrong talks to the author of a new book which claims the so-called "Debatable Lands" weren't the Reiver battlefields that other historians believe them to be. He also claims to explode a few other Reiver myths.

Watch Border Life online

Lori Carnochan reports on a revolution in dairy farming which means calves can stay with their mothers for longer. Fiona Armstrong covers the official opening of the world's largest relief map, and Sandy McCracken uncovers the secrets of a smuggler's mansion.

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