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ScotRail working to fix ticket machine issues

ScotRail has responded to criticism of the first Borders Railway services. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire/Press Association Images

ScotRail says it has put on extra carriages and buses to deal with the demand for services on the new Borders Railway.

The company says delays have been caused by a range of factors, including a train failure, signal problems and heavy passenger loadings:

It's been a momentous week for the Borders, with trains returning to the area for the first time in almost 50 years.

Thousands of people have flocked to use the new line and - despite extra carriages being added to many trains - it has been particularly busy on board some services, as expected.

At times this has caused delays while these unusually large numbers of customers board and alight. We are aware of the ticket machine issues and are getting these fixed as soon as possible."

– ScotRail spokesperson


Delays and overcrowding on Borders Railway services

Scotrail are in the spotlight. Credit: ITV Border

Campaigners say services on the new Borders Railway have been hit by problems, including overcrowding and delays.

The line opened to paying passengers on Sunday 6 September with an official opening by the Queen on Wednesday 9.

But this weekend, members of the Campaign for Borders Rail say services were in disarray, with passengers being forced to wait at platforms for the next service as not enough carriages were put on.

Some passengers claim they had to wait nearly 20 minutes for delayed services.

There were also problems with ticket machines not recognising the new stations on the line, and the machine at Tweedbank not connecting to the banking system.

Some passengers were saying it was so busy that they had to stand, some couldn't board the trains.

I think Scotrail have fallen short.

There have been delays on the trains for various reasons. If a train arrives late in Tweedbank, and then its late going back to Edinburgh, then all the other trains are delayed.

They have to keep an eye on this and make sure trains run on time or it will turn people off the trains altogether."

– Atholl Innes, Campaign for Borders Rail

Stunning video of Royal Train passing through Borders countryside

Watch as the Royal Train, carrying the Queen and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, passes through the Scottish Borders.

It was an historic day for the Borders, as rail services officially returned to the region.


Queen arrives at Tweedbank Station

The Queen arrives at the station. Credit: ITV Border

Queen Elizabeth has arrived at Tweedbank Station.

She will unveil a plaque to officially open the new Borders Railway, alongside Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland.

She is expected to make a speech after the opening.

Crowds welcome the Royal Train's arrival. Credit: ITV Border

Crowds were out in force to welcome her.

Memories of the Queen: 'not many people have sat in the Royal Limo'

Robin Bell, from Penrith, is a retired police inspector for Cumbria Constabulary.

In 1991 he was tasked with protecting the Queen on her visit to Penrith... and he ended up helping a young child, too.

The Queen's visit to Cumbria in 1991. Credit: ITV Border

All officers had a briefing by the Superintendent at the Police Station .and advised on the protocols of addressing embers of the Royal Family and that the Queen would take all the flowers from the children only in the front row.

I was assigned the right hand side of the forecourt of Mansion House as I was aware of some persons likely to be in the crowd who were well known anti-royalists and had photos of them..

The public were held behind steel crowd control barriers and the area was sealed off one hour before the Royal party arrived. I saw the Queen and the Duke walking through the gates of Mansion House then faced the crowd which included young children in the first line behind the barriers. I then herd the tap tap of high heeled shoes coming up behind me and then the Queen appeared at my side. She said “aren’t these flowers lovely officer” I responded “Yes your majesty”.

The party moved along and after a couple of minutes out of the corner of my eye to my left I saw a lot of sudden movements of the entourage and the Queen walked quickly towards me.

She said ”Officer there is a small child trapped behind the barriers, do something” I replied “Yes Marm” and saw a very small child with face against the barriers as the crowd surged forward.

I lifted out the child to the other side of the barrier and told it to stay there. When the Queen orders you to do something one must obey."

– Robin Bell

On a previous royal visit, in 1980, Robin cleaned the Royal car, and ended driving it back to where the Queen was staying:

Not many people can say I have sat in the Royal Limo."

– Robin Bell
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