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Pupil misses lessons because 'trousers too tight'

The school uniform debate is continuing today, with tens of parents, and pupils, contacting ITV Border about being excluded from lessons at William Howard School.

The school says that 80 pupils were spoken to about their uniforms on the first day back from term, and that it's helping parents to ensure their children have the right uniform.

Hollie Coopey, 14, is a pupil at the school. She was told her trousers were too tight:

Well, apparently they're too tight, and they're not the same length all the way down.

It's ridiculous, it's not fair. It's just frustrating, because they're saying they teach us like individuals and they've always taught us to express ourselves, but they're practically saying that we can't express ourselves any more."

– Hollie Coopey, pupil at William Howard School

Photos: Tour of Britain races through Brampton

The Tour of Britain has passed through Brampton, on its way to the finish line at the summit of Hartside Fell.

People from the town were out in force to welcome the riders:

The Tour races through Brampton. Credit: ITV Border
The Tour races through Brampton. Credit: ITV Border
The Tour races through Brampton. Credit: ITV Border
The leaders race through Brampton. Credit: ITV Border
Yellow bikes are out in force. Credit: ITV Border


School uniform debate: your views

School uniforms are sparking a fierce debate. Credit: ITV Border

Parents say hundreds of pupils at William Howard School, in Brampton, were put in isolation because of problems with their school uniform.

The Head at the school denies this, and says 80 pupils were spoken to on the first day of term, and 40 the following day.

You've been posting your views on our Facebook page, and there's been a mixed response, with many parents speaking about their own children's experiences:

If the school has a uniform all pupils should wear it properly, it's the parents that should supervise the children's dressing before they leave the house."

– Trudi Harris on Facebook

A lot of these students have their own minds and no matter what the parents say they are going to do what they want.

Why don't the teachers wear some sort of uniform, if the kids have to. It will show that they can follow rules too. It's all about learning not what they are wearing or what they look like surely."

– Hazel Barnes on Facebook

Over 400 children at William Howard put in isolation yesterday including my 12 year old daughter, for 6 hours, because her trousers were too tight fitting over her thighs.

Went in and demanded a meeting with the head. They gave me new trousers."

– Anna Stewart on Facebook

My granddaughter had spent the day in isolation as her trousers were too tight, why did they take four hours to phone parents?

400+ pupils taken out of lessons is outrageous, some children were in there because they had the wrong socks on!!"

– Sue Atkin on Facebook

Parents know what the uniform is, they buy it. No skinny trousers, charcoal grey means just that! It's your fault just buy the correct uniform."

– Nicola Woodmass on Facebook

School: only '80 pupils' spoken to about uniform

The school has hit back. Credit: PA

The head of William Howard School has rejected claims from parents that hundreds of pupils were sent home, or put into isolation, because of their uniform.

Domenic Volpe says that 80 pupils were "spoken to" about their uniform on the first day of term, and 40 students the following day.

He says no pupils have been excluded, and "no students were sent home as a result of uniform policy".

William Howard is one of the highest performing secondary schools in the county, with 1500 students. We pride ourselves on fostering a positive working environment offering not only academic success but also opportunities for students to experience a whole range of exciting activities. The school has always set high standards in all areas, including uniform. Our expectation is that all students should attend school in the approved uniform.

In July 2015, in preparation for the new term, a letter was sent out, reminding parents of our expectations in relation to school uniform. This was overtly welcomed by many parents. Students were also reminded of the school policy at assemblies prior to the summer break. This was followed up in our welcome assemblies on Tuesday, 8 September when we reiterated our expectations about uniform to the students.

On the first day of term - Tuesday 8 September - there were 80 students, mainly in the upper school, who unfortunately did not return with the correct uniform. After the morning assembly, these students were spoken to about the lack of conformity with the policy. The school then made every effort to resolve any issues, including assistance with providing school uniform including shoes.

Today, Wednesday, 9 September, the numbers have dropped to 40 students who are still not wearing the correct uniform. This rapid reduction has been achieved because of fantastic support from parents and carers who have been working with the school to endorse our uniform policy.

The school will resolve the small number of outstanding concerns with parents in the next couple of days.

During this period any students affected have been given appropriate work to complete. The aim is to get students fully integrated back into the school community as soon as possible. This approach has been warmly welcomed by the vast majority of the school community. I would like to thank all parents for their support.

No students have been excluded from school while the uniform issues are being resolved.

No students were sent home as a consequence of the uniform policy.

– Domenic Volpe, Head of William Howard School

Parent's furious response at school uniform incident

The parent says 425 pupils were put in isolation, or sent home Credit: PA

A parent has reacted furiously, after hundreds of pupils were sent home or put into isolation, at a school in Brampton.

The pupils at William Howard School were reportedly punished because they hadn't followed new uniform rules, that had come into force over the summer:

425 kids put in isolation at William Howard School today, for violation of the uniform code.

Well I say this to teachers.

We pay your wages via taxation, and how much do actions like these cost the taxpayer in catch up lessons ect?

If you really want our kids to comply to a stringent dress code, then I think you should practice what you preach - get yourselves a uniform as well."

– Parent on Facebook


Hundreds of pupils 'sent home' on first day back at school

Parents claim the pupils were sent home because of their uniforms. Credit: PA

Parents claim hundreds of pupils at William Howard School, in Brampton, were sent home on the first day of term for breaking school uniform rules.

The rules had been imposed over the summer holidays.

My daughter was really looking forward to the new school term, and couldn't believe it when she was told she couldn't attend lessons, simply because her tights weren't dark enough.

I appreciate the school is trying to raise standards, but it seems common sense could have been used here.

Do the school really think it's a good idea for many of their pupils to be roaming the streets during the school day?"

– Parent of pupil at William Howard School

Woman 'critical but stable' after cow attack

The air ambulance was called to the scene. Credit: GNAAS

A woman is in a critical but stable condition in hospital, after being trampled by cows near Brampton on Sunday 31 August.

North West Ambulance Service called on the help of the Great North Air Ambulance trauma team.

They helped the woman at the scene. She had suffered serious pelvic, chest, head and spinal injuries, and was flown to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

Man injured during dog attack in Brampton

A man has suffered minor injuries after a Rottweiler attacked him and his dog in Cumbria.

The incident happened on Market Place in Brampton on June 30, but police have only now released the details.

Officers say a man walking his black labrador was attacked when the Rottweiler slipped its lead.

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward, or anyone who may have had a similar incident happen to them in the area.

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