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New lead: border collie revealed as Brampton slasher

CCTV analysis has revealed a border collie named Jess is responsible for damaging numerous cars in Brampton.

Over the past six months residents of Jocks Hill and The Sands areas of the town have been concerned that they were being targeted deliberately.

Caught on camera: the dog appeared to be sniffing car tyres Credit: Cumbria Police

As it turns out Jess has been biting and puncturing the tyres of cars she passes on her daily walk.

Police say the dog's owner has been very surprised and apologetic about the whole situation.

He will be now keeping Jess on a lead.


Discover violin-making on your doorstep

Violins are one of the most complex instruments to build as they are made up over 70 different pieces of wood.

There are only around 500 violin makers worldwide who craft the instruments, including Corrie Schrijver from Brampton, from scratch.

Corrie has built 50 instruments in her lifetime - from violins to double basses.

She is now hoping to inspire more people to take up the art and will be holding classes in Brampton.

Taster sessions are available on the following dates:

  • Friday 28 February: 3.00pm to 9.00pm
  • Saturday 1 March: 10.00am to 4.00pm

For more details, contact Corrie Schrijver on 01697 72649.


Brampton butcher is "devastated' after car destroyed his shop

Brampton butcher Colin Moore says he is "devastated" by the damage caused to his businesses after a car ploughed into the front of his shop on Saturday morning.He hopes to be back open for business in two to three months but says it is too soon to know for definite.

The shop as it was on saturday when this car smashed through the front Credit: ITV News
The shop today. It may take months before it can re-open Credit: ITV News

Concerns over Brampton renewable energy plan

More than 150 people packed into a meeting in Brampton last night to hear about plans for a renewable energy project in the town.

The scheme, by Brampton and Beyond Energy, would generate power for up to 200 homes as part of a community project for the area.

There was public support, but some people are worried about the smell and voiced concerns about the site being too close to homes.

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