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'Cumbria is a low risk area for bovine TB'

A spokesman for the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) - the department of DEFRA that deals with cases linked to bovine TB - told ITV Border what is being done surrounding the current outbreak.

“Cumbria is a low risk area for bovine TB. Each year there are a small number of bovine TB incidents in the county, typically due to infection being inadvertently carried in cattle bought from herds in a high risk area. AHVLA has also found no evidence of TB infection in local wildlife.

“Bovine TB can have a devastating effect on farm businesses, which is why there are strict measures to control it. In low risk areas such as Cumbria, herds within a three kilometre radius of a TB incident are placed on more regular testing to reduce the risk of infection.”

– AHVLA spokesman


Bovine TB confirmed in the Brampton area

An outbreak of bovine TB has been confirmed in the Brampton area of north Cumbria.

There are restrictions in place when it comes to moving affected cattle and farms within a three kilometre radius will also be tested.

The NFU has advised farmers to be careful when bringing animals into the county by looking at their sourcing policy and where animals are coming from.

Cumbria is a low risk area on the border of Scotland - which has a TB free status.

Bovine TB outbreak confirmed in north Cumbria

An outbreak of bovine TB has been confirmed on a farm in north Cumbria.

Restrictions have been placed on moving affected cattle. Animals on other farms within a three kilometre radius will also be tested for the disease. Farmers in the county are being urged to take extra precautions.

Ian Mandle from the National Farmers' Union:


Brampton businesses back flower campaign

Five years ago the town was blooming Credit: ITV Border

Several businesses in Brampton say that they'll be getting behind the town's campaign to spruce up for summer.

They're all putting out hanging baskets to improve the look of the town centre.

Many shops, cafes and pubs are already in bloom, but there are concerns that a number of empty buildings in the town will detract from the attempt to give it a facelift.

Budding for a better looking town

A campaign's started in Brampton to brighten the town up for summer.

Locals and organisations including the Parish Council are asking businesses to put out hanging baskets and flower boxes to recreate the look the town used to have five years ago.

John Treeby is spearheading the mission. He says a floral facelift could have a financial benefit for the town.

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