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Brampton man jailed for failing to pay Council Tax

Council Tax Credit: PA

A man from Brampton who failed to pay more than £3,000 in council tax has been jailed.

Stewart Forster, 43, of Beckside Gardens, failed to pay Carlisle City Council £3,413.85.

He was found guilty at Carlisle Magistrates' Court in November last year, and was ordered to repay the debt at £300 per month, and given a suspended committal sentence.

However he didn't pay up as ordered, and was arrested.

He's now been sentenced at the Magistrates' Court to 109 days in prison.

WATCH: is this the best shed in the country?

A man in Cumbria could claim to have the best shed in the country.

Paul Robinson, who lives at Newbiggin near Brampton, is a finalist in the Shed of the Year competition where he's been entered for the eco shed category.

Tim Backshall went to see what it's like.


Forgiveness and recovery after a brutal attack

Five years ago Sally Roythorne and Rob Plevin were attacked by a guest at their house-warming party.

Following life-saving surgery they turned to meditation, and say they're happier now than they were before the attack.

Hannah McNulty went to meet them.


New umbrella device to reduce stroke risk

It's something that affects thousands of people every year and now patients in our region will be among the first in the country to benefit from a new treatment to reduce the risk of strokes.

It's a small device implanted into the heart to stop blood clots.

Stan Rogers from Brampton in Cumbria is one of the first people in the country to benefit from the treatment, which is an alternative to blood thinning drugs. Lucy Taylor reports.

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Brampton 'Bus Buddies'

A pioneering scheme to get people out of their houses and onto the buses has been launched in Cumbria. It involves a team of volunteer 'bus buddies' who accompany passengers, and help them navigate routes and timetables.

For some it's about getting their independence back after losing their driving licence due to ill health. For others, it's simply about having a friend to travel with.

Katie Oakes joined them on the bus to Carlisle.

'Bus Buddies' launches in Brampton

People in rural areas using the 'bus buddies' Credit: ITV News Border

A pioneering scheme to help people who use buses in rural areas has been launched in Brampton in Cumbria.

The team of volunteer 'bus buddies' want to help people who may be using public transport for the first time, or are nervous about navigating the routes and timetables.

David Shepherd started the initiative last week after seeing the success of a similar scheme in Clitheroe in East Lancashire.

"It's about getting people out of their houses and giving them their independence back. We hope to help people who will then team up and help each other to get into town and further afield."

– David Shepherd
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