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Scottish Borders council savings strategies released

A number of measures were proposed and approved in December 2012 by the Scottish Borders Council in a bid to reduce a £3.8 million funding gap in 2013/14.

These measures included:

  • A review of the Social Emotional and Behavioural Need Service (SEBN)
  • A review of social work business support services delivery model; all Social Care & Health Specialist Support Services and Social Work night-time support service
  • A review of the SB Wardens Service with the proposal to cease theservice by 2014/15
  • A review of Early Years delivery model as part of the implementation of the '600 hours' pre-school care and education package as part of the Children's Bill

The council have said that a number of further savings have now been agreed.

These include:

  • Changes to terms and conditions for staf
  • The development of an integrated waste strategy
  • A review of the school estate
  • Further integration of children’s services

Scottish Borders Council announces 10 year plans

Highlights of the 10 year capital budget plans include:

  • £51m Investment in roads, lighting and bridges - including£5m to upgrade street lighting with modern energy efficient lamps
  • Flood protection schemes - £10.4m including Galashiels and the Skip Running Burn in Jedburgh.
  • Waste management - £5.9m
  • New Kelso High School - £18.5m
  • Improved sports facilities at Peebles High School - £4.3m
  • New synthetic sports pitch in Selkirk - £0.9m in 2015/16
  • Investment of £8.4m in broadband
  • £3.6m to be invested in social work property
  • £0.05m per annum to be invested in play facilities across the Borders
  • £3.2m, largely funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, to redevelop Wilton Lodge Park in Hawick
  • £4.4m for new computers in schools
  • £0.05m to help prevent falls in older people's homes.


Scottish Borders Council approves budget

The Scottish Borders Council (SBC) has approved the 2013/14 budget plans.

They say that their members worked closely with staff in order to protect front line services and deliver value for money for Borders residents.

Highlights of the budget revenue plans include:

  • No council tax increase in 2013/14, which will be frozen at 2007/08 levels for the sixth successive year
  • No compulsory redundancies
  • A living wage of £7.50 for the lowest paid staff from April 2013
  • Maintaining the numbers of teachers employed by SBC in 2013/14
  • Provision of £6.5m to fund a range of inflationary and service cost pressures
  • An extra £1.4m budget per annum to address social work pressures in home care, learning disabilities and residential care
  • An extra £6.26m to meet demographic pressures from the increasing number of elderly people and increasing number of vulnerable children

Scottish Borders and D&G council budget cuts

In the past three years Dumfries and Galloway council have reduced spending by almost £30 million.

They now need to save a further £27 million over the next three years, which is a saving of nearly £25,000 a day.

The council say that their immediate task is to save £7.2 million over the coming financial year.

The Scottish Borders Council have £250 million to spend over the next five years, and a further £191 million to spend on capital projects such as roads and schools over the next 10 years.

However, they have to save nearly £4 million over the coming financial year.

They say they will manage this without introducing compulsory redundancies, but say there will be changes to staff terms and conditions, including pay increases and bonuses.

Full Report: Scottish Borders outlines budget

Scottish Borders Council has outlined how it plans to save 3.8 million pounds over the next year.

Budget proposals have also been revealed for the next 10 years.

The local authority have again made assurances that there will be no compulsory redundancies, but they have changed terms and conditions for council workers.

Watch the full report from Jenny Longden below.

New budget will "keep important services" in place

Scottish Borders Council has set out its budget and spending priorities for the next year.

"We have a budget that looks at trying to make savings across all services, but keeps very much in place the important services that people really appreciate.

One major element of our budgetary savings is to look very carefully at staff terms and conditions and a range of different budgets to make sure that we are delivering our services as efficiently as we can."

– Councillor David Parker, Council leader


Borders' budget outlined for next year

Scottish Borders Council has set out it's budget proposals for the next year.

The local authority needs to make savings of £3.8 million between 2013-2014, and a further 27.5 million over the next 5 years.

They have honoured an agreement with staff to make no compulsory redundancies, but have made changes to staff terms and conditions.

That means new staff will be placed on a different rate, and there will no longer be pay awards of incremental pay increases.

£191 million will be spent on the Borders' infrastructure over the next 10 years, including projects like Town Centre Regeneration for Galashiels, Selkirk and Newtown St Boswells.

£450,000 has been earmarked for flood protection in Jedburgh after the Skiprunning burn burst its banks last year.

Campaigners say cutbacks would damage tourism

Jack Ellerby, Friends of the Lake District Credit: ITV Border

Plans to cut spending on Britain's forests by more than a third could have a serious impact on this region according to campaigners.

In an open letter to the government department DEFRA, the Forest Campaigns Network say that cutbacks would damage the tourism industry and lead to the closure of popular local tourist attractions and car parks:

Jack ellerby, friends of the Lake District:

"The government's own figures show that public forests are worth 400 million a year to this country. They bring tourism, work to raise air quality and provide timber.

"If they are not managed and resourced properly those benefits would be lost."

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