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Government to support Lockerbie scholarships

George Osborne announces the government will support the Lockerbie-Syracuse Trust which offers scholarship opportunities to students both side of the Atlantic.

Chancellor announces VAT relief for Great North Air Ambulance

As part of his budget for 2014 George Osborne has announced that air ambulances will have VAT relief.

The Great North air Ambulance have been campaigning for this.


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Osborne shares picture of new £1 coin ahead of Budget

George Osborne has shared a picture of the new £1 coin together with his red Ministerial box ahead of the Budget later today.

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Osborne's budget to pitch to 'ordinary working people'

Chancellor George Osborne will make a pitch to "ordinary working people" later today when he delivers his penultimate Budget before the general election. He is expected to unveil the following:

  • A further rise in the personal allowance above the £10,000 level promised
  • Confirmation of the childcare tax scheme

There has also been speculation that Mr Osborne could be preparing to produce a rabbit from his red box, with some hints that there may be changes to National Insurance contribution levels or some movement on the 40% tax rate threshold rate.

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Britons: Budget for high incomes, banks and business

The majority of Britons expect the Budget to be good for people on high incomes (55%) and the banks and big business (51%), according to an ITV News Index poll carried out by ComRes. Just 14% said it would be bad for people on high incomes, 15% said neither, and 16% said they did not know.

The City of London where a significant proportion of the UK's banking takes place. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Some 13% said it would be bad for banks and big business, 17% said neither, and 19% said they did not know.

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