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Watch: Haggis discussed in House of Lords

Yesterday, the current ban on exporting Haggis to the USA and Canada was discussed in the House of Lords.

Watch Jenny Longden's report below.

Exporting haggis to USA would 'make Borders butchers millionaires'

Exporting Haggis to the USA and Canada has been banned since 1971 Credit: ITV Border

The ability to export haggis to the USA and Canada would make independent Scottish Butchers millionaires, claims a champion haggis making butcher from Hawick.

Lindsay Grieve supplies his family recipe haggis around the world, but exporting haggis to the USA and Canada is prohibited due to an import ban on sheep lung products.

Conservative peer Lord McColl raised the issue during Question Time in the House of Lords today, calling for the Government to put pressure on the American administration to lift the ban, which has been in place since 1971.

Lindsay Grieve makes haggis in his Hawick Butchers shop Credit: ITV Border

Border's butcher Mr Grieve says removing the ban would open up a huge market.

"I've been in business for 26 years and during that time we have been trying to get haggis into America and Canada, but it's not allowed.

"There are some communities where the population is bigger than Scotland and to get haggis into them could make us millionaires, it could be our saviour."

– Mr Grieve, Borders Butcher


Increase in younger customers using local butchers

Andrew Nichol who works at a buchers shop in Selkirk has noticed an increase in customers, and in particular, many new younger customers:

"We have a number of new customers that have come in, obviously they have been using the supermarket meat, they have now tried us and found that we do lots of other things that they like as well.

"At the end of the day, you are not going to get any horse meat in our products, it is all pure Scotch meat and we will beat the supermarket's in quality hands down."

– Andrew Nichol, Apprentice, Halliwells Butchers in Selkirk