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Christine Grahame MSP reacts to mill closure

Christine Grahame MSP has been reacting to the closure of Caerlee Mills in her constituency:

"I have been in touch with the Scottish Government to see if there is some way of ensuring that these skilled employees, who have taken years to develop their skills in textiles, can be redeployed within the borders.''

– Christine Grahame MSP


Attempts to find buyer fail

Liquidators had hoped to secure a new buyer for the mill which produces luxure cashmere goods.When no interest was expressed the decision to cease trading with immediate effect was made.

Three staff are being retained in the short term to assist winding down the business.

This is another damaging blow to the Borders textile industry which is being squeezed by competition from cheaper foreign imports.

Blair Nimmo of liquidators KPMG said:

Despite our best efforts to secure the sale of the mill we have been left with no option other than to cease all operations with immediate effect.

“Unfortunately 33 of the company’s 36 employees have been made redundant, with three staff being retained in the short term to assist in winding down the business.

“We would like to thank staff for their co-operation through this difficult process. "We will be working with employees to ensure that support to find alternative employment is available for all those who need it.”

– Blair Nimmo, KPMG

'Innerleithen has had its fair share of bad luck' says Borders councillor

Caerlee Mills, in Innerleithen, Scottish Borders Credit: ITV News Border

Scottish Borders councillor Gavin Logan, said:

"Innerleithen has had more than its share of bad luck in recent years and I hope that every effort is being made to attract new businesses and jobs to the town."

"The company prided itself on its 'Caerlee Mills 100 per cent made in Scotland' label but has now fallen victim to the harsh economic tradition conditions in the knitwear industry."

Caerlee Mills Credit: ITV News Border


Historic Borders mill calls in receivers

Scotland's oldest continually operating textile mill is facing possible closure.

36 jobs could be at risk at the Innerleithen based Caerlee Mills after receivers were called in.

The mill dates back to 1788 and once employed 400 workers under the ownership of Ballantyne and Dawson International.

"I am deeply disappointed by the news that Caerlee Mills have called in the Receiver.

"This puts at risk the jobs of 36 staff, a team led by Tom Harkness who have struggled on trying to keep this business alive.

"They struggled through very difficult circumstances and in the teeth of an international recession.

"There may be a glimmer of hope in the fact that some other textile businesses in the Borders have seen a recent upturn in business but this is still a bitter blow for Innerleithen as its last mill goes into receivership."

– Stuart Bell, Scottish Borders Council's economic development spokesman