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Watch: campaign succeeds as dementia patient remains in home town

Today the campaign to have a man with Down's Syndrome and dementia cared for in his home town succeeded.

Michael Cavelrt's family started an online petition, signed by more than 150,000 people, to ensure that he would be cared for in Wigton.

In a meeting this morning, it was confirmed that Mr Cavelry would remain in Wigton.

Hannah McNulty reports.

Dementia patient's family: 'over the moon'

The family of Michael Calvert, who has dementia and Down's Syndrome, are delighted with the news that he'll be cared for in their home town.

Michael has lived with his mother in Wigton his entire life.

She can no longer care for him, and there was a strong chance he'd be moved to a home 20 miles away.

But today the authorities say there's a space for him in Wigton - a decision welcomed by his family:


'Satisfactory outcome'

Today it was announced that Michael Calvert would receive the care he needs in Wigton Credit: ITV Border

The decision to allow a man with dementia and Down's Syndrome to receive care in his home town of Wigton has been announced.

Representatives of the council and the NHS met with Michael Calvert's family this morning.

In a joint statement, the authorities say they are happy a satisfactory outcome was achieved.

"The various agencies involved in this case met with the family this morning to discuss the most effective way forward.

All agencies involved are pleased that a satisfactory outcome has been achieved for Michael and his family."

– NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group and Cumbria County Council

Dementia patient allowed to remain in home town

Michael Calvert's family's campaign has succeeded Credit: ITV Border

A campaign backed by more than 150,000 people has succeeded as a man with Down's Syndrome and Dementia is allowed to stay in his home town for treatment.

Michael Calvert's family began an online petition to fight against plans for him to be moved to a care home 20 miles from Wigton, where he has lived all of his life.

Today in a meeting of the council, the NHS, and his family, it was agreed he would move to a care home in Wigton.

Decision due on Michael Calvert's future

Mr Calvert will find out where he will be homed today Credit: ITV Border

The decision as to where Michael Calvert is to be homed will be announced today.

Mr Calvert has dementia and Down's Syndrome and as his family can no longer give him the care he needs, faces the possibility of moving to a care home 20 miles from his home town.

His family have battled to have him placed in a care home in Wigton, where he has lived all of his life, with their online petition receiving 154,921 signatures of support.

The council, the NHS, and his family will meet today at 9.30am at the Chrysalis building in Wigton to make the decision.


More than 150,000 signatures

The petition started by his family has received more than 150,000 signatures Credit: ITV Border

Nearly 150,000 people are backing a man with dementia and Down's Syndrome whose family are battling to have him cared for in his home town.

Michael Calvert has lived with his mother, Marilyn, in Wigton his entire life.

Michael Calvert has lived in Wigton all of his life Credit: ITV Border

However now, as Ms Calvert can no longer give him the care he needs, he is facing the possibility of moving 20 miles from his home town.

His family insist there is an ideal home just a few minutes away, and have created a petition in the hopes of getting him a place there.

The petition, which was started just before Christmas, has now received more than 150,000 signatures.

Cumbria County Council's Clinical Commissioning Group says the decision on where Mr Calvert will placed will be made based on what is best for him.

"We know it's very important to the family that Michael remains local and close to them.

"In order to pit the right support plan in place, one that ensures his best interests, NHS Cumbria Commissioning Group in consultation with the county council is examining all factors in detail.

"There are a range of factors that we're addressing to ensure that any care offered can meet Michael's full range of needs both now and in the future."

– NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group

The final decision is expected on Monday.

To find out more about dementia and the support available, you can visit the Dementia UK website by clicking here, and the Alzheimer's Society website here.

Care home 'deeply saddened by the deplorable behaviour'

A spokesperson for Beacon Edge care home which is a private health care run by BUPA said:

“We are all deeply shocked and saddened by the deplorable behaviour of these three people. None of us can understand how young people planning a career in care and nursing could do this.

“We are committed to training and developing our people to provide the best care for residents. However, we don’t believe anyone needs specialist training to behave decently towards frail, older people.

“We would like to apologise again to all our residents and their families and assure everyone that we have acted and will continue to see if there is anything further we can learn from this case.

“We carried out all the correct checks before these three people were employed. As the court heard, this behaviour took place only when they were able to work together. We have robust whistle-blowing procedures and as soon as another carer suspected anything they rightly told managers and we acted.

“We would like to thank our partners in Cumbria Police and social services for helping us to ensure these three can never work with vulnerable people again.”

– Spokesperson for Beacon Edge care home

A total of seven years and six months in prison

Isla Chilton, Senior Crown Prosecutor said:

“The three defendants physically, verbally and emotionally abused vulnerable men and women for their own amusement. William Bowman also further degraded one of the residents by sexually assaulting her."

“The victims were lovingly placed in the care of the residential home by their families. It is a place where they should have been looked after and all their needs met. However these three employees abused the trust placed in them by their employers and the victim’s families by their demeaning treatment of them.

"Cases involving the abuse of vulnerable people, who are often unable to give evidence against the perpetrators themselves, are extremely difficult to prove. It is therefore due to the willingness of the witnesses in coming forward which brought an end to the abuse and has enabled us to bring these defendants to justice for their abhorrent actions.

"The physical and emotional effects on the victim’s families are overwhelming. I sincerely hope that the fact that they have been sentenced it will bring some sense that justice has been served."

– Isla Fisher, Senior Crown Prosecutor

Individual sentences:

  • William Bowman pleaded guilty to 8 counts of ill-treatment of a person without capacity and was found guilty of sexual assault and was sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment.
  • Claire Strong pleaded guilty to 3 charges of ill-treatment of a person without capacity and was sentenced to one year imprisonment.
  • Chevonne Benson pleaded guilty to 10 counts of ill-treatment of a person without capacity and was sentenced to three years imprisonment.
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