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EU Referendum debate to take place in Carlisle

Eu Referendum. Credit: PA

A debate on the EU referendum is taking place at Carlisle United's stadium today.

It's being held by the Institute of Directors in Cumbria together with Carlisle United Business Club.

The purpose is to inform directors about the possible implications of staying in or leaving the EU.


Work underway on Cumberland Infirmary car park

The Cumberland Infirmary. Credit: ITV Border

Work has begun to build a new temporary car park for the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

It will be positioned next to Reiver House in the hospital grounds, and will house 100 staff parking spaces.

It's hoped this will ease congestion in the main car parks, which are used by patients and members of the public.

Building work is due to be completed in the next two to three weeks.

Second meeting for Carlisle flood victims

The first flood meeting. Credit: ITV Border

A second meeting is taking place in Carlisle this evening, for victims of December's floods.

People will have the chance to give their views on a report, which explores why the Storm Desmond floods happened, and suggests possible options to prevent future flooding.

It takes place at the University of Cumbria's Fusehill Street campus from 5pm this evening.

Dozens attend Carlisle floods meeting

Turnout at the meeting was lower than many had expected. Credit: ITV Border

The Environment Agency has told people in Carlisle it understands their frustrations following December's floods.

The authorities were holding the first of two public meetings in the city to explain the options to try to prevent a repeat of the damage caused by Storm Desmond.

Dozens of people turned up, however the turnout was lower than many had expected.

We might not be able to say Carlisle will never flood again but we're looking to reduce flood risk as much as possible and really it's about doing the job properly really and as well as we can.

– Jim Ratcliffe, Cumbria Floods Partnership
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