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Warning after two men fall ill following suspected drug use

Map of where the men fell ill Credit: ITV

A drug warning has been issued to people in Carlisle after two people were taken ill from what police say is suspected drug use.

Two men from Carlisle have been admitted to the Cumberland Infirmary after suffering breathing problems. They are not thought to be in a life threatening condition.

The first report was received at 4pm (Thursday 28th July) when a 36-year-old man collapsed on English Street.

The second report was made at 5.55pm when a 31-year-old man collapsed on Prescott Road.

Early enquiries suggest that the drug the men may have taken is called Blue Valium.

We are urging all users to be wary of these two incidents that have occurred today in Carlisle. Our advice is not to take any illegal substances or so-called legal highs as the risks involved in consuming these can be life threatening.

“It is believed that both men admitted to hospital may have taken a drug called Blue Valium, if you are offered this drug or have it in your possession please do not consume as it is very dangerous. You cannot be sure of what the drug contains and therefore could cause fatal consequences. Please for your own safety do not take any illegal drugs.

“It is still early into our enquiries in identifying the source and we appeal for anyone with information on the supply of drugs to get in touch.”

Anyone who has taken such a drug or is feeling unwell is urged to seek medical assistance.

– Chief Inspector Andy Wilkinson


'We launched quickly and failed quickly' says editor of Cumbria newspaper

David Helliwell, editorial director at CN, says 24 "launched quickly" and "failed quickly".

It follows the announcement that the Cumbrian newspaper will cease publication,less than six weeks after launching.

“We were proud of the design and content and had encouraging feedback and buy-in from advertisers but unfortunately copy sales are just not high enough to justify continuing daily publication.

It was always a calculated risk to see whether there was enough of a gap for us to squeeze into beside the big beasts of the daily market and it hasn't come off.

We launched quickly, failed quickly and learned an awful lot along the way. We’re obviously disappointed it didn't work out but it hasn't diminished our appetite for trying new publications, be they print or digital.

The closure in no way reflects on the dedicated efforts of the small editorial team who produced 24 on a daily basis to a high standard.

I'd also like to thank PA for their considerable support in this venture. It was their wealth of content that allowed us to even think of launching 24 and it’s been a pleasure working with them.”

– David Helliwell, editorial director at CN

Couple fined for late night train disturbance

Police are appealing for witnesses. Credit: PA

A couple from South West Scotland have appeared in court following a disturbance on a late night train from Carlisle to Dumfries.

Kerri Durrell, 27, of Laghall Court, Dumfries, and Emily Cowan, of East Hecklegirth, in Annan, admitted struggling and arguing with police at Annan Railway Station.

Solicitor Gavin Orr said the two had been frustrated at being put off the train by a guard.

Dinnell was fined £550 while Cowan was fined £200.


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