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Carlisle UKIP claim exit polls are wrong

The exit poll claimed UKIP would only get two seats Credit: ITV News

The Carlisle UKIP candidate has claimed the exit polls are wrong.

She says her party will get more than two seats.

I think we'll get many more than two seats.

I'm feeling confident and I think we're going to exceed expectations.

The feedback in Carlisle has been excellent and I believe the exit poll underestimates UKIP support"

– Fiona Mills, UKIP's Carlisle candidate

Verification still taking place in Carlisle

Credit: ITV Border

The separation of the City Council and Parliamentary votes is still taking place in Carlisle.

White are Parliamentary (General Election) and yellow are City Council.

They will then be verified to check the number of votes in each ballot box match the number of votes issued.

If that tallies, counting staff will then start counting the votes.

They will start with Parliamentary votes and once all checks have been complete the Acting Returning Officer will read out the results.

Once that is done, Counting staff will then start on the City Council votes....


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