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Run Doonhame team ready for final push

The five policemen who've been taking part in a 750-mile run around the UK and Ireland have only 26.2 miles to go.

The Run Doonhame team have ran from London to Edinburgh via Cardiff, Dublin and Belfast.

They're raising money for Cash for Kids in Dumfries and Galloway and the charity Care of Police Survivors (COPS).

All five runners will complete the challenge on Sunday as they tackle the Edinburgh marathon.

Lori Carnochan caught up with the group as they were running through the region on their way to the capital:

Run Doonhame almost complete for Dumfries policemen

Adam Watret tackling the 'Devil's Beeftub' road near Moffat Credit: ITV News Border

Five policemen from Dumfries and Galloway are coming to the end of their epic running challenge for charity.

Sergeant Iain McKie and Constables Sandy Currie, Ian Dawes, Graeme Scott and Adam Watret, all from Police Scotland, are running a 750 mile relay around the UK and Ireland to raise money for Cash for Kids and Care of Police Survivors.

The 'Five Capitals Challenge' is the last charity run taking place as part of the 'Run Doonhame' series. The men began running from London, before reaching Wales, crossing over to Dublin, up to Belfast, over to Dumfries and are now on their final leg heading for Edinburgh.

Alan McGowan is one of the support team Credit: ITV News Border

"I'm just so incredibly proud of every one of these guys. What they've achieved is amazing, a herculean effort.

"They're all sore and tired but they know the end is in sight and can't wait to cross that finish line in our country's capital.

"The support given by the public has been brilliant. The messages on social media really keep the guys going when it gets tough out there."

– Alan McGowan, Support team, Run Doonhame

The group will finish their seven day challenge with the Edinburgh Marathon tomorrow, where they'll all run together for the first time.

Constable Adam Watret was given one of the biggest challenges of them all- running up the 'Devil's Beeftub' road near Moffat.

The road is a landmark in Dumfries and Galloway due to it's steep incline and stunning scenery.

"Running up the beeftub was tough going i'm not going to lie. But what a way to appreciate the amazing scenery in our region and the weather has been kind to us too.

"Some of the hills in Wales were far tougher so today's not been too bad."

– Adam Watret, Run Doonhame


'Beijing Biddies' prepare for adventure to the Arctic

Edwina Sorkin back in the driving seat. Credit: ITV Border

A group of women are setting off on an epic driving challenge from Carlisle city centre.

The self-styled 'Beijing Biddies' drove from Cumbria to China in just 29 days two years ago to raise money for charity.

The team of five women are now set to start their 2,700-mile journey to the Arctic from the Old Town Hall where the mayor of Carlisle, Councillor Steve Layden, will wave them off alongside family, friends and supporters.

The women aim to drive to Nordkapp, 350 miles inside the Arctic Circle, in the toughest winter conditions to raise money for Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.


Charity funding continues for flood victims

A number of charity groups are continuing to raise money for people affected by the Cumbria floods.

Inner Wheel District 19 fundraisers Credit: ITV News Border

The Inner Wheel District 19 (Cumbria and Lancashire) sent an appeal to all Inner Wheel Districts in the UK and Ireland, hoping to raise thousands of pounds.

They say the response they've had has been fantastic. So far, they've raised almost £25,000.

The money will be divided between the Cumbrian Community Foundation and Lancashire Foundation.

Handing out parcels Credit: ITV News Border

A Muslim charity group have also managed to raise more than £5000 in five days, and presented their cheque in Penrith to flood victims.

Handing over the cheque Credit: ITV News Border
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