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Lawn mower charity team's 'worst moment' in Dumfries

The Lawn Way Round Credit: The Lawn Way Round

A motor enthusiast who travelled around the country on lawn mowers with his friends, has said the worst moment of the trip came in Dumfries.

Tony Dwight, Darren Whitehead and Paul Tindall drove 2,200 miles on ride along lawn mowers to raise money for Crohn's and Colitis UK.

They raised £2,000 for charity, travelling through areas including Carlisle and Dumfries.

It was on a roundabout in Dumfries that Tony Dwight had his worst moment:

I hit a ramp or a pothole in the road, and all four wheels came off the ground.

All the teeth rattled in my head when I landed."

– Tony Dwight

Sisters' charity chop

Ellie has her head shaved Credit: Kerry Macdonald

Two west Cumbrian sisters proved they're top of the chops when it comes to raising money for a good cause.

Sixteen-year-old Ellie Tinnion and her sister Abbie, seven, from Aspatria, lopped off their long locks on Thursday in aid of The Little Princess Trust - a charity that provides real hair wigs for children with hair loss.

Ellie had her head shaved while Abbie had 12-inches of hair cut off at the same time.

Ellie was inspired to raise money in this way by Vicky Askew, one of her teachers at Beacon Hill Community School, who'd had her hair chopped for the same charity last year.

The higher the amount of money Ellie raised through sponsorship the more hair she decided she'd cut off

With the help of Aspatria Dreamscheme staff and young volunteers she organised a fundraising night at Aspatria Youth Club in addition to sponsorship and the total sum raised now stands at around £4,500.

Abbie's chopped off hair Credit: Kerry Macdonald


Cumbrian girl losing her locks for charity

More than £1,800 has already been raised. Credit: SponsorMe

A girl from Cumbria is having her hair shaved this evening to raise money for charity.

Ellie Tinnion, 16, from Aspatria, is aiming to raise £2,500 for the Little Princess Trust.

The amount of hair she cuts off will depend on how much money is donated, and she's planning to shave all of her hair off if she reaches her target.

Currently, the fundraising page stands at more than £1,800, meaning Ellie will be shortening her hair to at least ear level.

The Little Princess Trust provides wigs and hair pieces for children who experience hair loss due to cancer treatments.

The message on the sponsorship page reads:

I have decided to cut at least 7 inches or more off of my hair to go towards making a wig for someone who unfortunately does not have any hair, this is due to various reasons such as Cancer treatment and Alopecia.

I feel very lucky that my hair is very thick and grows very fast so I decided that these unfortunate people deserve to have realistic wigs!"

– Ellie Tinnion


Grandfather attempts three marathons in 24 hours for charity

Credit: ITV Border

A man from Dumfries with diabetes is attempting to complete the equivalent of three marathons in just one day to raise money for charity.

Derek Banks - who's been a type one diabetic for 55 years - will row, cycle and run 26 miles each time at his local gym.

He was inspired to fund raise for Diabetes UK after someone suggested he walked up Ben Nevis.

But the grandfather of 7 decided that would be too easy.

Cool runnings: unique charity fundraiser

Annie Rawlinson has been travelling around Cumbria dressed as a polar bear Credit: ITV Border

A woman from Kendal has been travelling around Cumbria dressed as a polar polar in order to raise money for charity.

Annie Rawlinson also ran a half-marathon in the North Pole as part of her fundraising efforts.

Annie Rawlinson also completed a half-marathon in the North Pole Credit: Annie Rawlinson

She completed the challenge in -30 temperatures, but says she found the arctic conditions tougher than she'd anticipated.

It's much, much, much colder than anything you can imagine and then doing one lap my goggles froze totally so I couldn't see.

And then the terrain is so rocky - well, it's not rocky, it's icy - I just kept falling over, which I thought was really funny and just kept picking myself up."

She found conditions in the North Pole tougher than she'd anticipated Credit: Annie Rawlinson

So far Annie's raised over £3,500 for the Samaritans, a charity she volunteers with.

But she says she's still fundraising and hoping to make more.

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