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Shafilea Ahmed's father 'breaks down' amid fresh allegations in murder trial

The father of Shafilea Ahmed broke down in court today - facing fresh allegations in his trial, accused of murdering his daughter.

Shafilea's body was discovered close to a river in Cumbria. Throughout the eight week trial so far Iftikhar Ahmed has denied murder, along with his wife Farzana Ahmed.

Yesterday though Mrs Ahmed changed her defence - she now claims that she saw her husband beat Shafilea on the night of the alleged murder.

Anne O'Connor is at the trial at Chester Crown Court.

Shafilea Ahmed murder trial

Shafilea Ahmed Credit: PA

The trial into the murder of Shafilea Ahmed continues at Chester Crown Court. The teenager's body was found by a Cumbrian river in 2004. Her parents deny her murder.

On Monday the jury heard that Shafilea's mother had changed her defence.

The prosecution in the trial at Chester Crown Court says that, in her new statement, Farzana Ahmed now alleges that she saw her husband Iftikar attacking Shafilea at their home, something she had previously denied. She also claims that she herself was punched when she tried to intervene.

Farzana Ahmed claims she then went upstairs with the other children. When she went back down twenty minutes later, her husband and Shafilea were gone.

She alleges that when her husband returned alone, she asked where Shafilea was and that he replied, "If you care for your dear life and that of your children, don't ever ask me this question again".

Farzana Ahmed Credit: PA