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Cumbria Police: 'You have been warned'

After nearly a hundred people failed breath tests this time last year, police say they'll be cracking down even harder this Christmas.

Last year in Cumbria we conducted almost three and a half thousand breath tests in the month of December. That is over a hundred breath testa a day in Cumbria. We'll be doing at least as much as that this year. Disappointingly out of that we were also arresting three people a day. So there is far likelihood that if you are drink driving there is a very strong likelihood that you will be arrested.

– Chief Inspector Kevin Greenhow, Cumbria Police


Police issue stark warning

The 'Christmas Drink Drive' campaign has begun with Cumbria Police issuing a stark warning to drivers: don't drink alcohol before you get behind the wheel.

The national campaign takes place every December, with the aim of encouraging people not to drink and drive.

Young drivers, and men in particular, are one of the main groups being targeted by police this year, as statistics show they are the worst offenders.

Almost 3500 breath tests were carried out last year, which resulted in 96 people either failing or refusing a test, with 30% of these being under the age of 30.

Of the 96 tests in 2011 which were either failed or refused, 20 were administered to women and 76 to men.

"We dedicate resources to this campaign each year and aim to catch anyone who drives when under the influence.

"The aim is to saves lives, driving when under the influence of drink or drugs impairs your driving capability, causes accidents and can result in death.

"In the run up to Christmas, people are planning their parties, going out with colleagues, friends and families and generally enjoying themselves, we just want people to include planning how they are going to get home afterwards."

– Sergeant Joanne Walker, Roads Policing Unit, Cumbria Police