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Coastguard issue warning after large-scale search

Coastguards have issued a warning to people using the region's beaches after a man became disorientated in the fog on the Solway Coast.

A large-scale search, including the Nith Inshore and Silloth Lifeboats, were sent to look for a man who telephoned for help after losing his way at Powfoot.

The man was walking his dog when he was caught up in the early morning mist, and it was feared he was being caught in the fast incoming tide.

Members of Annan Coastguard Team combed the surrounding shoreline but the man found his way to the shore, where coastguards met him.

"We got the call about about 10.10am from the man saying he had become lost on the mudflats near Powfoot. It appears he was out dog-walking when he became disorientated in the thick mist which has been covering the Solway Firth.

“We sent out lifeboats and a coastguard team and were on the point of bringing in a helicopter when the man reported that he had made it back to the road at Powfoot. He was checked out and found to be safe and well.”

“It can be very dangerous on these sands, especially when the tide is coming in, even for local people who may know the area. The man in this case realised the tide was coming in and made the call for help. Fortunately in this case it all ended well.”

– Liverpool Coastguard Spokesman


Boy rescued by Whitehaven Coastguard

Whitehaven Coastguard rescue boy from Whitey Rock, Whitehaven Credit: Whitehaven Coastguard

A 14-year-old boy has been rescued by Whitehaven coastguard after falling seven feet onto rocks.

Seven members of the team were called to Whitey Rock at twenty past two yesterday afternoon where they stretchered the teenager to an ambulance. The youngster had fallen onto rocks from the town's railway wall.

Man falls into water at Whitehaven Marina

A man was pulled from the water at Whitehaven Marina.

The Coastguard received a call about the incident at 11:50am yesterday, 20 February, from a passer-by and sent their team and an ambulance.

On their arrival, the man, believed to be a yaucht owner in his 50s, had been pulled from the water and had left the scene.

The coast guard said other people at the marina had used ropes to pull him out.

They believe he had been in the water for about five minutes.

Woman and child fall from ferry

The search continues this morning after a woman and child fell from a ferry on its way from Cairnryan to Belfast.

The coastguard was alerted at around ten past six yesterday evening.

Emergency services have rescued a woman.

She has been taken to hospital and is being treated for hypothermia.

The child - believed to be a baby - hasn't yet been found.