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Man falls into water at Whitehaven Marina

A man was pulled from the water at Whitehaven Marina.

The Coastguard received a call about the incident at 11:50am yesterday, 20 February, from a passer-by and sent their team and an ambulance.

On their arrival, the man, believed to be a yaucht owner in his 50s, had been pulled from the water and had left the scene.

The coast guard said other people at the marina had used ropes to pull him out.

They believe he had been in the water for about five minutes.

Woman and child fall from ferry

The search continues this morning after a woman and child fell from a ferry on its way from Cairnryan to Belfast.

The coastguard was alerted at around ten past six yesterday evening.

Emergency services have rescued a woman.

She has been taken to hospital and is being treated for hypothermia.

The child - believed to be a baby - hasn't yet been found.



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