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Floods film: 'Five Years On: How Far We've Come'

Flooding in Cockermouth in 2009 Credit: ITV News Border

A community group in Cockermouth is making a film to chronicle how the town has recovered from the floods five years' ago.

Sophia Atcha moved to the town 18 months ago and wanted to tell the story of how the community has pulled together to help each other.

'Five Years On: How Far We've Come' will be screened at the Kirkgate Centre on 19th November, exactly five years on.

Cockermouth soldier wins gold at Invictus Games

A Cockermouth soldier shot several times by the Taliban in Afghanistan is back in training after scooping five swimming medals at the Invictus Games for wounded servicemen and women.

26-year-old Luke Reeson only began swimming competitively 12 weeks ago but picked up a gold, two silvers and two bronzes despite having a shattered leg that he may still have to have amputated. Kim Inglis has been to see him action.


Injured former soldier scoops 5 swimming medals

Luke has won five medals in the Invictus Games for injured servicemen and women. Credit: ITV Border

26 year old soldier, Luke Reeson, from Cockermouth is inspiring young swimmers at his local club.

Luke was shot repeatedly by the Taliban on a tour of Afghanistan in 2012. His left leg was shattered and is pinned with metal rods.

Just three months ago, Luke took up competitive swimming for the first time and earlier this months scooped five medals - a gold, two silvers and two bronzes - in the Invictus Games for injured servicemen and women.

He's back to training at the pool in Cockermouth but still faces an agonising decision. His left leg isn't healing properly and isn't likely to which means he may have to make the decision to have it amputated.

Despite this, Luke says he is one of the lucky ones as he knows so many people who have had more than one limb amputated. He says even if it has to happen, the only thing that will change is his swimming style.

Due to his leg not healing properly, Luke may have to have his left leg amputated. Credit: ITV Border
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