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New 'one-stop' surgical clinic to launch in Cockermouth

Credit: ITV Border

A new ‘one stop’ surgical clinic in Cockermouth will offer hernia and gallstone patients an improved service, according to NHS bosses.

Surgeons from North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust will start the weekly clinic at Cockermouth Community Hospital from 6 April 2016, seeing approximately 12 patients a week.

Currently, patients attend hospital for an initial appointment with a surgeon followed by a pre-assessment appointment and then await a date for surgery. The new clinic will offer patients both the consultation and pre-assessment during the same appointment and a date for surgery will also be provided at the end of the appointment.

“I am delighted to introduce the new clinic which offers many advantages to hernia and gallstone patients.

"Rather than attending the hospital on two occasions and then awaiting a date for surgery, patients can attend one appointment in Cockermouth and leave knowing when their surgery will be.

‎“We are planning to offer patients a choice of dates for surgery at the Cumberland Infirmary and the state-of-the-art facilities at the new West Cumberland Hospital."

– John Wayman, consultant general surgeon at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust


Hundreds sign Cockermouth petition opposing pharmacy funding cuts

JWW Allison pharmacy in Cockermouth Credit: ITV Border

More than 600 people have signed a petition opposing government cuts that could lead to the closure of a Cockermouth pharmacy.

JWW Allison say the planned £170million reduction in NHS funding for community pharmacies puts its future at risk.

The petition is part of a national campaign organised by the National Pharmacy Association calling on people to sign petitions and appeal to their MPs for support.

In a letter to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee outlining the cuts, the Department of Health argued savings can be made without reducing the quality of service community pharmacies provide.

But the National Pharmacy Association say the proposals are 'jumbled and misguided' and will put more pressure on GPs.

The petition at JWW Allison Credit: ITV Border

"With the radical cuts proposed to community pharmacy funding by the Government, the public will be rightly concerned about the future availability of the services upon which they have come to depend.

"The petition provides the perfect opportunity to give a voice to these concerns and push back against these harmful and dangerous cuts."

– Rob Darracott, Pharmacy Voice chief executive


Three more bridges reopen following floods

Three bridges in west Cumbria which had been closed following the devastating floods last month have reopened.

Ouse Bridge at Bassenthwaite, Broughton High Bridge and Gote Bridge in Cockermouth have all been declared safe.

Homeowners and businesses in Cockermouth say they are relieved the bridge has escaped any serious damage and that the town is reconnected once more.

"I think it is a really significant part of the recovery.

"The town is doing very well but we needed to join up the parts of the town that have been separated.

"Gote Bridge opening up has been a fantastic step in that direction. It means that people who live in Papcastle and the Gote can have easy access to the town. It also getting the traffic moving again."

– Andy Walsh, Cockermouth Chamber of Trade

Cumbrian mother and daughter's possessions destroyed in floods replaced by generous donors

A Cumbrian mother and daughter have spent the last few weeks living apart after their ground floor flat in Cockermouth was ruined by floodwater.

Rachael Davis is a full time carer for 16-year-old Saskia, who has complex medical needs. However a new home has now been found for the two of them, and they are receiving help from generous business owners to furnish it. Watch Kate Walby's report here:

Stokes' thoughts with Cockermouth after double century

Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow. Credit: PA

Cumbrian cricketer Ben Stokes spared a thought for his former hometown, Cockermouth, which has been affected by flooding, after scoring a stunning double century against South Africa.

He was speaking in his post match press conference:

Cockermouth has been through this three or four times now. I grew up there as a kid, went to school, spent a lot of time there and I've still got really good mates there.

They're going through a really big rebuilding stage throughout the whole town so it's nice to know I've been able to put a few smiles on some faces who have probably had a tougher time that I am out here."

– Ben Stokes
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