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Scottish Conker Championships held in Peebles

Do you know the difference between a bully-one and a laggie, if you do then you'll be sure to have an interest in this story.

They're terms in the game of conkers and over the weekend the eighth annual Scottish conkers championships were held in the Borders.

Competitors came from all over the UK to take part in the event, which formed part of the Tweed Valley Forest Festival.

Lori Carnochan went along.

Scottish Conker Championships held in Peebles

Jamie Craigen in action Credit: ITV Border

Around one hundred competitors took part in the Scottish Conkers Championships in Peebles on Saturday (25 October).

Entrants came from all over the UK to compete and try to win the crown of conkers champion.

One of the highlights was the 'Rogues' competition, where competitors are allowed to prepare their conkers using any method they like to try and make it the hardest of all.

This year's winner was Jamie Craigen from Stirling, who explained the secret behind his winning conker.

"You've got to have a good conker to start with, but i varnished mine for a good few days before the competition and it's worked out pretty well."

– Jamie Craigen, Scottish Conkers Rogue Champion 2014
Kate McLuckie was crowned Junior Conker Champion Credit: ITV Border

The event is now in it's eighth year and was part of the Tweed Valley Forest Festival.

The town's Tweed Green was full of wood craftsmen giving demonstrations and showcasing their carving skills.

Woodwork skills on display on Tweed Green Credit: ITV Border


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Scottish Labour leader to be announced December 13

The Scottish Labour Party have agreed a timetable for electing its new leader following the resignation of Johann Lamont.

  • Leadership candidates can declare their candidacy from October 27
  • MPs, MSPs and MEPs nominations will open on October 31
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Scottish Conker Championship saved

An 11th hour delivery of chestnuts has meant the Scottish Conker Championships will go ahead.The annual event was cancelled after a shortage of quality chestnuts.100 competitors are due to take part.

World champion Ady Hurrell and his brother Maurice has stepped in and offered to bring a a load of Cambridgeshire's best chestnuts to Scotland.Chris Sawyers of Borders Forest Trust said:

"We are delighted that Ady and Maurice have stepped forward to help us out."Although the event will now be known as the unofficial championship, it is great news that it is going ahead and the brothers haveeven offered to run it for us."

– Chris Sawyers

Maurice said:

"It is so important to keep these competitions alive."We have loved our trips to Peebles so as soon as we heard of the crisis we decided to step in."

– Maurice Hurrell